Life is a Challenge ~ Are you up for it?

Sitting outside in the back yard this morning (6 a.m. – Northwestern America time), taste buds waking up to rich flavors of fresh brewed coffee, I thought about all the things to accomplish today. It would have been a simple matter, adding these up in my head, to head to a negative place, but instead, I stretched, played with the dog, took the trash out, (garbage collection day) reminded myself what I had to be grateful for and decided I was happy to begin my new day! Good Morning World!


Each day of your life

is a challenge – embrace it with passion!

The passionate risks taken in life

may be turn out poorly or gloriously wonderful,

but at least you can say

β€˜I have lived my life to the fullest’

with no regrets.

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


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Take’s you right there and yes “It’s Free!”

~ Have a good day today,


22 thoughts on “Life is a Challenge ~ Are you up for it?

  1. So wonderful Penny – just wanted to pop over and drop a quick hello comment — have been hustle bustling around the medical kingdoms ~ not so fun, but your post reminds me to look for the light… Thank you. Next week filled with appointments and going out of town for a bit but will try to at least read and comment when can ~ Positive thoughts your way and have a Beautiful Day ~ x Loads of Love and HUGS ~ Robyn x

    • Hello beautiful friend of mine, thank you for popping in with a comment, I know the hectic-ness (much less uncomfortable aspects – being nice with the word uncomfortable, lol) of what’s happening in your world right now. Take care of you, deep breaths, one day at a time oh, and I love you loads and loads Robyn …hugs,tons of them too! xxoxxoxxoxx

  2. Morning, Penny! πŸ™‚

    I believe everything in life happens for a reason…even the bad. Its hard sometimes to accept that, but everything is playing out just as the universe meant it to. I don’t believe in coincidence. πŸ™‚

    Even regrets are a lesson. She hugs you and runs along to face her day! Lol

    Baby sitting grand children, lunch with a very heavily pregnant girlfriend and then out with girlfriends for some single life fun tonight! Lol

    I’m getting too old for all this! Lol Have a great weekend, Penny. Love to you. Paula xxx

  3. Good evening by now!
    Hope you had a nice day. Mine was nice – met a friend for lunch & then at home ate out on the patio with the fam & had a grilled dinner – YUMMO!
    Yep – taking full advatage of our new patio & getting our monies worth – LOL
    xx πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

  4. Lovely start to the day there P. I do like that, living life to the fullest. Something we should all engage in to get ourselves out of the ruts that seem to sneak up on us every so often. xx

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