11 thoughts on “Women are survivors in life … they’ve always had to be.

  1. This one infuriates me, not only for these 3 incredible women, but MANY MANY more that are probably abused and locked up like this in many parts of the world. The lunatics are probably taking extra precaution as a result of this case and probably making situation even more heinous for the victims. People should be asking, for every one lunatic that gets caught, how many more are getting away with it? This is INSANE!

    • Hi Bulldog, briefly a few months ago these three women were rescued from a house where they had lived for more than 10 years. Kidnapped as teenagers, chained to walls, tortured and raped. Yesterday the man responsible was sentenced to life in prison plus a 1,000 years. He pleaded guilty so he wouldn’t get the death penalty. But these brave young ladies, survived!

      • Ok I was a bit confused as to what had they been up to… seems wrong that a man can plead guilty to side step exactly what he deserves… surely the woman can appeal the judgement and have him hung… this just seems so wrong that a person can do this and now go and sit in prison for the rest of his life and be looked after… he should be hung by his privates till they fall off and then hung by the neck…

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