Life isn’t fair – But we can be!

file000703488657As a child most of us are told to play well with friends, be nice with our sisters or brothers. Be fair with how we treat others. So we grow up and are “nice” to others and try to be fair, but then we begin to discover (some sooner than others) that “life isn’t fair“. Some discover this rather brutally, others find it out in the bits and pieces of life’s experiences that turn out poorly or less than we might have wanted.

Life comes at us, many days fast and hard. Can barely catch our breath trying to keep up with everything that goes on … and emotionally, there are those days we think we can just barely hold on.

So where does it leave us? Life isn’t fair but … (we get to finish the sentence)!

You and I are the ones who still have the power within us to be fair. Beginning with ourselves. We are human beings living in a rich climate of evolving changes and developments. Lots of emotions out there too.

My thought for today. It is a very good thing to have loving and honorable values. Treat others well. Know that there will be better days ahead. Believe in something (it makes a big difference for you and those around you). Love, care, and reach out (and yes this does makes you vulnerable and open to pain, hurt and disappointment – so you’re going to have to toughen up!)

But … bottom line …

“Even though life isn’t fair, you can be –
and sometimes that makes all the difference
in the world – for you and … someone else!”

~ Penny L. Howe, 2013


26 thoughts on “Life isn’t fair – But we can be!

  1. When we were young and Mom and Dad looked after us life was so much more simple… as I’ve aged on I have seen so many changes that life has become unfair in a way that nobody seems to have taken notice of… our explosive technological development has made life unfair…
    As youngsters one was good to the neighbour because you were told to be, today do the young even know the kids that live next door, as extra homework, TV, iPads, smartphones etc take up more of their time than ever ours, Hell we never even thought of such things… now this I think has made the newer generations less conscious of what is fair and what isn’t and interaction between people has become even less… so do we know now how to be fair to others or for that matter to accept that life isn’t fair and some due to circumstances have the unfair portion…??? Just a thought…

    • Your points are all valid Bulldog. I stay hopeful because I believe in the “the pendulum” rule. Life will swing so far and then come back around again. My daughter home school’s in fact it’s very popular in this community which is interesting because many of the homeschooling moms are also public school teachers (which tells you something right there) and the kids here have other social activities as well so they do stay balanced along with their internet (some is education) and game playing etc. But it’s a new world, so it’s going to be interesting as to how it all shapes out my friend! xx

  2. Good morning Penny,
    It is the most beautiful Saturday morning in eastern Australia sun shining and birds singing.
    At moments like this the expression ‘life isn’t fair’ does seem superfluous when I take in the magnificence of my morning. But I agree we can do our bit at times of seeming unfairness to do our best to address an unfairness as best we can. Have a good weekend.

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