You and your beautiful soul


“There’s nothing you need to change
about the you that you are,
except perhaps your point of view …
 …We are all of us beautiful souls
and it’s not for us to judge so harshly
– ourselves!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2013

21 thoughts on “You and your beautiful soul

  1. Reblogged this on Tina J.S and commented:
    If you can’t find the exact word for it or just have a bad day , go to Penny’s blog! She ALWAYS find the exact word for it ( what ever you are looking for) and if you have a bad day she always have this positive writting in the way she write 🙂
    – One of my favorite writer , Penny

  2. Why is it so easy to send compassion and love out to others and so difficult at times to save some for ourselves? Wonderfully written as always Penny.

  3. It’s strange we spend all the time together with our soul, we know what we are going to say before we say it, yet we don’t bore ourselves so perhaps we should love ourselves morer. You make a compelling point, as per usual. I have just decided that I am great.

    • Ah heck, SteJ, I already knew you were great. No surprises there! Self recognition a good thing, Self aggrandizement, i.e. the third person “we of it all” not so good. Luckily most of us discriminating souls know the difference between ego and self worth! Don’t we (lol)!!

  4. I remember reading once, if anyone were to speak to you the way we so often speak to ourselves–that person would be shown the door in no uncertain terms.

    It’s hard, but so worth remembering to be your best friend, and make sure your self-talk is positive and loving.

    Penny, your posts uplift…

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