Alastairs Photo Fiction – Invincible!

A new photo prompt from Alastair. A challenge to write a flash fiction, a few hundred words. For information on how to join in the writing fun click here!


Photograph copyright Alastair Forbes, 2013


Sitting in the cockpit of his fighter aircraft, George was twitchy. This, the seventh night in a row. Designated one of the “intruders” each night he’d patrol the German airfields in France from his Hawker Hurricane attempting to catch night bombers during takeoffs or landings.

Henry should have been up here with him, flying nearby. He was gone, shot down in action. A life long friend, gone. But he wasn’t going to think about that. He could see the illuminating lights from the German airfield.

His focus tonight, centered there. He tried not to think about the enemy below. Tried to control the sweat coming out over his body, running down his back, his ribs. He hadn’t been afraid before, though there were the cannon shell holes, evident in theย wood and fabric covering of his fighter aircraft from previous engagements; it had never bothered him. They had been invincible.

He and Henry, the invincible duo. It had become a joke with their friends, they did everything together, took risks for the fun of it and then the war and they joined the RAF (Royal Air Force) together, of course. Not for the fun of it. No this was different.

ย A fight for their freedom. And they had not only put together a good team, but after each squadron’s successful run, each air victory, their fellow Fighters would cheer their return. Not tonight. Tonight the squadron was one less, without his comrade at arms, his buddy, his life long friend.

Circling above, he continued to watch the glowing lights from the lit airfield beneath him. He had never felt so empty, so alone … so afraid.


War sucks … all wars!

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18 thoughts on “Alastairs Photo Fiction – Invincible!

  1. War between countries or families. Just the other day I was watching a show about the Hatfields and the McCoys. All for the want of territory or for something one had that the other didn’t.

    When yin or yang is absent, balance is lost.

  2. Oh no!

    So sad, yet realistic! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Wars are terrible and I wish we never had them. But thats just a dream and not realistic, right? Super hugs, Penny!
    Paula xxxxxx

  3. A nice account of the every day life on an airman, every day not knowing what horrors will unfold. War is horrible, and no matter what century is accessed through history there is no shortage of the carnage that it holds.

    I have a poem written by an airman that I will send to you via email, it is a very well written poem by an officer whom sadly did not return from war…

    Have a truly delightful Thursday Penny ๐Ÿ™‚

    Andro xxxx

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