Will Our Lives Be Lost In Time ~ like tears in the rain?

“Life … A Masterpiece from the Palette of the Universe”

Life …

…We are the recipients!

And…we need reminded of this!

I saw a movie once, a favorite – “Blade Runner”, (a Science fiction thriller, dark and forboding) – the future. There is a scene at the end of the movie where one of the characters says words that are so piercingly moving and true that I’ve never forgotten them.

“Life lost  in time – is like tears in the rain”

The video below “reminds” us of life – it’s beauty and it’s value. You can hear the words (from the movie’s scene) in the background. Please, please watch (just a few minutes) listen to the words, see the beauty and

… be reminded!

Music from Vangelis – “Tears in the Rain” and spoken words both from the movie “Blade Runner”. This gorgeous video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pql82_hMBxY was created by Antoss1, he was inspired after watching the same scene of which I spoke.


WE are life’s recipients …

WE hold the future in our hands …

WE need to remind and be reminded … Again and again until we (all of us) understand!

All the tomorrow’s that will ever be are being created even as I write this.

We are the ones deciding what life will be in our futures. Our choices … the choices … have never been more important than they are today.


Consider this as you go about your day’s routine today. What is really important to you in life? What really matters? These are things to ponder and weigh in your heart of hearts.

We hold the future in our hands…”We hold the future in our hands“!

We, The Recipients of Life

We hold the future “their futures” … in our hands!


Thank you for stopping by, may your day be blessed with happiness and positive thoughts for the future my friends,


29 thoughts on “Will Our Lives Be Lost In Time ~ like tears in the rain?

  1. Loved this video Penny! We do hold the future in our hands and it will be an exquisite future if we can only release the trappings that bind us in the present moment.

      • So far so good, although the past couple of weeks have been very tiring. We spend part of our week in Columbus and part in Dayton, where we work on the house, preparing it for sale, and I work in the garden as well. On top of that I seem to be an insomniac right now. Just call me Sleepless in Columbus. 😉

        • To say the least! (the sleepless part) I’m hoping you don’t have to do this split location thing for too long, LuAnn. For all the reasons you already know of, dear and special friend. It must be next to impossible to calm all parts of you down at night in order to sleep. Do the best you can. Your rest is as vital as Terry’s is right now! Do take care of you … both! 🙂 xo

  2. Shame, my phone won’t open it.

    Never mind. What you wrote was beautiful and inspiring! That’s enough for me. Hope your having a great weekend, Penny! Love and hugs to you. Paula xxx

  3. Good stuff Penny! What is important? May sound corny, but here’s my priorities: Beauty, Love, Connecting to others, Listening, Being heard, Writing with precision, Compassion, Peace, Courage.
    Not necessarily in that order of course. Thank you for the morning meditation.

  4. We do hold the future in our hands Penny, each of us has a responsibility to leave our own small mark on the planet in some meaningful way.
    Taking on all the positiveness that you promote is one way. Not everyone changes the world, the best we can do is make it an enjoyable place for ourselves and those around us. Bit like my attitude to school, that I have a responsibility to provide those kids who don’t enjoy school, some positive memory that they take away with them. Not always possible but I have been successful with some.

    • Just one person helping one other person makes a difference. It really isn’t complex or complicated. There really are very few big heroes but there are many many brave ones making little differences every day! That’s what counts, You and I both know and understand that. Thank you for your comments, greatly appreciated by me.

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