Ligo Haibun Challenge – A Call to All Writers!


Hello, welcome to the weekly Ligo Haibun Challenge. This week there are two2548286 - Copy intriguing photo prompts, from which to choose.


The first from Ye Pirate  and the second from David Thoughts From The Outdoors, Thank you both!

Your writing challenge (should you wish to accept it) is to write a few paragraphs, as you view the photo prompt you have chosen, from a thought, idea or feeling the photograph evoked.

3025789_orig - CopyOnce you determine the direction the photo is prompting your thoughts – go with the flow! Write!

At the end of your prose (written words – a few hundred or so) add a short free verse poem. haiku style! (see sample of a haiku below) a summation (so to speak) of your written words.

Sample haiku:

a thing of beauty
expression of being
soul of my haibun

Publish your haibun on your blog site and then click on the link box below (and follow the simple directions) to be entered. For more details and information click on the heading HAIBUN CHALLENGE at the top of this page!

And be sure and check out the two other co-hosts of the Ligo Haibun: Nightlake and Managua!

Good Luck,

~ Penny


16 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge – A Call to All Writers!

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  8. In seeing your post, I had to look up the definitions of haibun and haiiku. It is very interesting. I have never written a haiku and after looking at the second photo I tried to write one (according ro the rules I read) and came up with these:

    North, south, east or west
    The right path must be chosen
    A quest leads the way
    Reflected in life
    Disturbed by summer storms
    Left to nurture many

    This was fun! It is fun to learn new things.
    Thanks so much for your post!
    I will keep trying!

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