Writing A Haibun ~ Balancing a style within a style!



Acrobatic performers present a visual balance, their bodies the essence of form and movement – muscles, tendons and sinews honed to an edge – physically obvious, yet from facial expressions, their style internal as well.

When writing creatively, I combine various elements of myself. My intent is to impart, through the use of words, specific sensations or thoughts.

If I adapt to a certain style, this becomes a part of what I wish to convey – not because of following or focusing on any preconceived methodology. I do not wish to constrict flow from my written words.

Writing a haibun is – in part – a form of discipline, a given set of criteria to be followed. But that is only a physical application of pen/pencil to paper or printed word to screen. When I impart an essence of who I am into the flow of my words (whether from imagination or experience) … that becomes my true haibun.

To become well versed in a written art form, I use differing creative tools of expression, for various situations; changing techniques but allowing a smooth flow between. With the writing of a haibun and a haiku, there is “a style within a style” and of course the balance between the two.

To acrobatic performers the “Art” is the expression and movement of their body, to move fluidly without hesitation to balance, as required, with an internal flow of their own!

And so it should be for all artistic souls (those who write, craft, paint, photograph, etc. – each a form of creative expression). The flow or movement their own.

artistic flow
creativity of movement
a balance of style


This is my entry into this week’s Ligo Haibun Challenge – Photo Prompt (The photo seen at the top of this post provided by YePirate! For more information on The Ligo Haibun Challengeclick here!

Thanks for stopping by to read,

~ Penny



23 thoughts on “Writing A Haibun ~ Balancing a style within a style!

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  2. And with our style…we introuduce a curve ball or two…just to keep folks on their toes. 🙂
    I just wish there were a better balance when it comes to computer programs talking to each other! Poetic language sometimes does not transfer to just
    zeros and ones. Because we are more than the sum of our ‘arts’!

      • I moderate everything on that site. I got ’em both, just printed one –
        Thank you – I remember the old typewriters. There was an artist who made what looked like paintings using the different keys and symbols, You can’t move them around on a page in the computer as easily. I suppose though someone may figure out how to do it.

  3. I think we all want to create our own ‘artistic style’ and you are right it does reflect whatever situation we are writing in. This challenge I particularly love because each week I am confronted with an image I have to imagine myself in. That bit I particularly love. Then you let the words take you places you may not have previously imagined. You always give me something to think about. Thanks Penny.

  4. Whatever you add here it is always a worthy offering Penny and I am pleased to be able to follow you, and see all of your artistic expressionism 🙂

    I still have to send you that poem but
    don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about it 🙂

    Andro xxx

  5. I love this! The haiku is amazing. Art is very personal and has to flow from your heart/soul to allow others in….just my humble opinion. 🙂

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