Our Capacity for Contentment is …


“Our capacity for contentment

is based on the choices we make

to be content with:

what we have …

… where we are

  and how we feel …

… in that moment!”

 Penny L Howe, 2013


19 thoughts on “Our Capacity for Contentment is …

  1. Contentment is such a simple concept, strangely and sadly, some people never seem to reach this state of being. I see it in younger people maybe, because they can’t seem to just be. They have to be doing and they need to be entertained: watching TV, texting, chatting, always moving about and wanting more. Not understanding, if they would just consider the concept, they might find contentment with who they are, what they have, where they are, etc. Some people don’t know what to do with themselves when, on an odd occasion, they find themselves alone. Great post. Enjoyed it!

  2. Hi Penny, contentment is such an important state to foster. It is usually in opposition to the ‘have it all and go-getting culture’ that is often around us. Happiness relies so much on deep-seated inner contentment. I completely agree with you, it is all about our choices, which largely depend on what we value. Much love to you, great post! xx

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