To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking to …

… Today?

Is it the ‘you’ that you’ve decided to be just for today? The one who is watching popular opinions.

The one who is waiting to decide how they feel about a thing depending on how it is trending, or even worse how someone else is spinning a story, turning an event into something else all together, where you don’t have the true facts but you aren’t inclined to put forth any additional effort to suss out the truth of the matter?

Are you the ‘you’ that feels insecure because of what life has handed to you and you’re not sure what to do with about it?

Or are you the you who is standing up and being affirmative about what’s going on in your life and your world.

You don’t need to grab a sign and race out down the street proclaiming the injustice of things (that would be cool though), but you can have an informed view.

You can care, you can voice an opinion and … (wait for it) … if so inclined … actually make some small little change in your life by stepping out of your own comfort zone into the real world of things and … make a small positive difference.

Beginning with how you view things.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to be a bystander, to make judgement calls on others who are out there, at least trying to do good things (Even if they get it wrong, or fail or fall short of expectations – they’re still out there – aren’t they?).

And thought this does seems to be an era of finger-pointing, judgement taking people (which achieves absolutely nothing of positive value and is having disastrous effects), a helping hand would go a whole lot further!

So who am I speaking to … today, which one are you … I’d like to know?

~ Penny


23 thoughts on “To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking to …

  1. Haha!

    I love the last sentence. Judging is for the ignorant…I’m not interested in people like that. We all have our failings, so who has a right to point fingers!

    Love and hugs to you, dear Penny! Paula xxxxxx

  2. This post speaks to more than just ‘waking up on the wrong side of the bed’, but the whole emotional and intellectual armor we usually put on to face the world. My armor is a defensive attitude that I project upon most strangers. I’m quite sure it works functionally as a safety net, for both me, and them. LOL

  3. Sweet! looks like I know who to subpoena if I ever need a character witness for myself, if I ever get in trouble with the All kidding aside, I think its very important to have good “anchor” in life to keep you grounded so you don’t stray too far when wearing a different mask, and to act as a reference point for your action. I suppose I wear a different mask when I venture out to turbulent waters, but I always know how to get back 🙂
    Family and friends, even blogging friends, make for excellent anchor weights 🙂

  4. I was nodding my head all the way through, until I got to your last line. And I simply can’t hit the ‘like’ button and look the other way on this
    Which one am I…I guess I do operate in dual mode, but at least I’m not in denial about it 🙂

    • Well that sums up all of us Chris! And yet I need you to not to go there, please. We are by our very humanness filled with emotions that influence us. Still you love and you care – I know you do! You have very strong feelings about things, is all! Don’t negate the good stuff. And your last phrase actually says it well because there are way too many people who only ever see one side of things (always). 🙂 Your one of the good ones my friend! 🙂 xx

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