Failure – What it is and isn’t!

What is failure? Apart from a word none of us like hearing or thinking about!

Failure: The condition or fact of not achieving the desired end or ends!

Well okay, that doesn’t sound so bad. But it’s how we feel about it that can create havoc with our lives. Not the act of failing in and of itself.

I failed in my first business (financially a huge mess). When I mentioned this to another entrepreneur, at the time, he said to me, “you didn’t fail“!

And I said, “Well if you don’t count closing your business doors, owing a ton of money to a lot of people a failure … what do you call it?”

And he said, “Taking risks while you learn how to do something the right way.” Just so you know, at the time I strongly disagreed with him. I was the one that had to figure out what to do next. I was a single parent with no income, ruined credit and lots of bills to pay.

But guess what? he was right. When I creatively (and hurriedly) came up with a short term financial solution (got a job), spoke with each of the creditors and made the best arrangements I could at the time (and asked for short term help from my family – that was the hardest thing of all!) I got by.

Within a year. I had put together another proposal, went after more financing and was in business again.

So I advise you to look carefully at the actual meaning of the word failure. Because it isn’t the end of everything. That only happens when you give up. As long as you keep trying, you haven’t failed at all, you’re still in your learning curve!

“Consider failure as a temporary setback,
the price you pay to learn until you get it right!”
~ Penny L Howe, 2013

38 thoughts on “Failure – What it is and isn’t!

  1. Great post and wonderful ending quote Penny. For me, failure would be looking back on my life not having lived it, just allowing time and space to carry me along, without breathing in all the experiences along the way.

  2. This sounds very encouraging and yes there will always be opportunities to get out of the rut, but believing is the first step. I know how it is too, not eraing much and balancing everything with 2 boys. Luckily they are so supportive I am able to manage well now. Changing my view towards money also helped.

  3. I love this!! yet another example in how one frames things isn’t it? you can choose to feel like a failure or you can look for the silver lining so to speak and see what there is to learn. I have one financial challenge after another it seems and at times I do feel like a failure in that regard. but I keep coming back to this “I haven’t failed yet and things always seem to work out…somehow, despite my worries!” So, thanks for another reminder.

    • You are very welcome, thank you. I go through those stages myself. I tell people I have pity parties for myself when things go wrong sometimes, but they never last long because I’m the only one there (lol), so I move on to a better place! 🙂

  4. Awesome and inspirational post, Penny, and I’m glad your story had a happy ending. There will always be things we’ll have to do in life that aren’t so pleasant, such as asking family for help. But, isn’t that what family is for? To help each other and be there for us in whatever way they can be? Well, that’s how I believe and obviously, your family did, too! Anyway, thanks for the inspiration. It’s all in the “trying” that helps us grow! Have a great Friday tomorrow! xx

    • Hi Lauren, thank you, so much. Yes that is what family is lovingly for. Been totally backed up with real time projects(offline, lol) hopeful time will free up soon. Involved with a couple of community type things here! You have an excellent weekend, I’m going to spend a little time at the river and then actually try to catch up on visiting online. Hope your weekend is relaxing for you also dear friend! xx

  5. I once heard a speaker of an inspiration kind say that through suffering we grow. And he was right. It’s dealing with the initial pain/sense of failure that holds you back for a while.
    But as we are all still here we have managed to find strategies to cope with life’s setbacks.
    Have a good weekend Penny, or is it still Thursday at your place? Friday am here.

  6. I sure hope my reading this post isn’t foreshadowing my latest business venture/event coming up next week. I have a lot of mixed feelings/fears/doubts rising up about it!

    Thanks for the positive message. I hope I’ll be able to stay positive no matter what happens! Best to you!!

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