We are Earth’s Children … shall we grow up now?


Please read!

All of us, every single person, is born with amazing potential for growth!

Each of our lives – so very precious,

and necessary!

How can we know the significant difference any one person

when given love, opportunity and education

might make in the tomorrow of our days,

when we, like children, base many of our (adult) decisions

on our personal emotions and preconceptions;

and not on intelligent reasoning?

Poor “life changing” decisions are made:

… in the name of  intolerance,

… in the name of indifference,

… in the name of power,

… in the name of religion,

… in the name of greed,

… in the name of hate!

It defies intelligence and logic to not preserve

the most valuable resource we possess.

The human race (in it’s entirety)!

The most

valuable commodity there is

“Every single one of us!”


there is nothing we can’t accomplish

If we work as one!

We are Earth’s children! But are we still growing?

Faith can shape us, filling our souls with untold riches …

… unless fashioned into a weapon to be

used against others.

Our global citizenship can become a harvest of abundance …

… unless we stratify and divide within ourselves deciding we are superior based on  the false premise of entitlement.

Our capacity for loving (and forgiving) can expand our futures!

Our capacity for hatred and fear can destroy it!

Shall we grow up now?


Penny L Howe, 2013

16 thoughts on “We are Earth’s Children … shall we grow up now?

  1. It is a worthy thought my great friend, and in time who knows
    how the world will adjust 🙂 Have fun today and this evening too 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • Thank you. I woke up early this morning thinking to myself, as I sat outside and listened to the quiet peace of nature, if we are so intelligent that we can do these amazing things with technology, etc. Why are we not doing the same for the wellness of humanity, we must still be children then, in many aspects of how we live and conduct our lives! Just my thoughts! Again my thanks for stopping by to read! 🙂

      • Some body who introspects has the potential to change the world.

        The innocence of a child is the final stage in the development of a human being. So you are perfectly on course.

        Loved this interaction 🙂

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