Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Illusion or Ecstasy!

Welcome to this week’s Ligo Haibun Challenge for writers!

Two excellent  word prompts to choose from.




My offering entry this week!


I inhale, ecstasy. I exhale, ecstasy. Sensual sweetness of such piercing intensity, I am without expression or thought. Waves consume me. Beyond passion, a place of no name. Beyond sensual fulfillment, an existence of being. Beyond one’s ability to think. A heartbeat of infinity.  Sounds without meaning, the aftermath of undiluted potency of pleasure. Whispered words form through parted lips.

I inhale and breathe – you. I exhale and am breathless for want of you. My body desires you. Your taste delicious, your touch I crave.  Beyond desire exists rapture of ecstasy, I await your pleasure. Please take me there … now!

I await you
release me I crave
ecstasy’s rapture


Each of the word prompts are compelling and provocative. Let’s see how creative you can be with your written haibun this week. For more information click here!  Join this wonderful group of writers from around the word! We welcome you! Don’t forget a couple of things to shoot for: honorable mentions at the end of each month and being included in the first published Ligo Haibun Anthology, later this year!

Once again, outstanding writing this past week, I have read your entries, but with a few connectivity problems with the router for my laptop, I’ve have been offline more than online (in the last few weeks). I look forward to visiting you soon to comment on each of your written works!

Also for those of you who follow Nightlake (one of the judges), she is current busy with a few offline projects and should be returning to host soon. She continues to read your work and be involved as a judge! Check out the other host (Ye Pirate) here!

Okay, everyone your turn, let’s see your written words. Come on you know you want to give this one a try!

~ Penny

45 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Illusion or Ecstasy!

  1. AnElephantCant catch his breath after that!
    Wonderful as always, you set the standard once again.
    And you may recognise at least 3 of the characters in AnElephant’s humble offering this week.

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  3. I hope to catch up on some reading today… for both this week and last week too. Thanks for explaining that Nightlake was away. I was concerned.
    And computer problems are always fun too.

    I’ve just posted mine… a double header so-to-speak.
    Cheers. Jules

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  7. Wonderfully-dosed writing Penny, stretched from carefree to humanistic, sensual and communicative. It showed true zest for life and that caring quality of all your words- never about me,me, me. It was seamless to read, as usual, with no flaws that jarr the words…THAT I don’t know how toy do- alot ofpolish I think, or perhaps as natural as it looks!

    • A little bit of polish, a little bit of life’s experiences and probably a whole lot of journal writing in a similar style would be my guess, thank you for the lovely compliments!

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