Why do we write Poetry?

What is it about the particular nature of a poem? Whether penning or reading. A poem sets itself apart from all other written words. Various sized packages of contained messages of our thoughts, our feelings, our expressions. We the author and presenter of chosen word and format.

Do we write for ourselves when we write a poem? Do we write for others? Yes and yes.

With poetry we tap directly into our feelings about things, bringing forth those emotions, thoughts and ideas inside of us to be viewed through our written words. We are reorganizing our insides when we do this. And when others read our poems they frequently will do the same thing.

Should you write a poem? Yes?



It’s therapeutic. Not only letting out what’s inside, but presenting a microcosm of your heart and soul you can view and share with others.

It’s wonderfully creative. Your journey through your own nature with the poetic word while you find yourself exploring all sorts of creative avenues of expression.

It is encouraging, helping you and others to “Open Up” inside. Writing poetry and sharing your words, creates a stronger environment for learning and growing yourself. Online today there are many *websites and forums – groups actively in pursuit of knowledge and understanding from poets of the past and present.

The Poem

“Such beauty you bless in the form of a rhyme
Such feeling, such rhythm your words so divine
I am lost in your glory, sensation sublime
Sharing forever, time after time.”

Penny L Howe, 2013

So today, write a poem and share with others, read a poem and enjoy someone else’s creation. Both will be uplifting and illuminating … I promise.

Have a great weekend,

~ Penny

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36 thoughts on “Why do we write Poetry?

  1. Poetry is the personification of freedom. Thoughts echoed in poetry epitomize expressions of inspiration. Verses can be generated from random thoughts, something someone said, an image portrayed or imagination reflecting feelings to warm the heart and lift the spirit. While there are many different styles of poetry, the key is being able to express in words imagery that is in the mind of its author. Not all poetic writings can be read truly with author’s intent in mind. Within poetry lies creativity indeed!

    • Hello Sharla, how are you doing? Perfectly spoken, by an excellent poetress (that’s you), who does indeed create awesome expressions of inspiration every day dear friend. Thank you, your written words here so very true! xo

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  3. Hi Penny, great post, you have inspired me to dust off an old poem I wrote half a lifetime ago and put it up on my blog. I might even have a go at something new too, thanks. 🙂

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    • Thank you RoSy. Now that’s the kinda poem that goes straight to my heart (and stays there)! I hope your weekend wasn’t too frazzled and that you had some downtime to relax a little! 🙂 xo

  5. Hello my dearest, Penny!
    I love poetry but couldn’t write it to save my life! Lol
    Hope your having a very relaxing weekend. I just made a cake. Very rare for me to do! Lol It taste yummy though. Can you taste it? Ohhh and here’s a cup of tea to have with it! 🙂 hugs Paual xxx

    • Thank you Harula, for me a pleasure, and I learn so much from others when I share. Thank you for your blessings, received, appreciated and of course returned in full to you! 🙂 xx

      • Yes thank you, I am just sat
        here writing a few FTP’s for
        my sweet and great friend Red @
        perhaps you will join in with some,
        all authors are welcome to take a
        part and your stories could even
        be published in the quarterly FTP
        books at http://redmundpro.com/
        which is a publishing website that
        also belongs to my lovely friend
        Red 🙂 It would be fun if you were
        to join us there Penny and with all
        your fine writing I am sure that you
        would enjoy the adventure 🙂 🙂

        Have a very nice Sunday my dear friend 🙂

        Andro xxxx

        • Thank you Andro, as always for your caring and lovely compliments. I look forward to checking out your friend Red and the creative opportunities as well! Thanks for sharing and asking me to be a part of the group … Much appreciated. Take care of you dear friend enjoy your evening! 🙂 xo

  6. Hi Penny, I enjoy poetry but am a novice. I appreciate the rhyming pattern that is characteristic of great poems. Any thoughts on how to improve on this aspect of poetry writing?

  7. We write poetry because it gives us an immediacy of language.
    I think that is why lovers use it so readily. It gives them the words to succinctly express their desires. It’s a handy device for all occasions. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. wow–what yarnspinner said is really interesting–and your summation verse at the end is an instant classic–I was surprised it wasn’t Frost or somebuddy!

    Interesting point that we write a poem for both ourselves and others. It’s like a fine blend of thought–a delicate mix–where you stay true to your inner poet, and yet “allow” your muse to be understood–if only the reader can follow your “clues”…this is how i think of it a little anyway…:)

    I am sorry to have missed the haibun Oblivion challenge–I did start writing a piece for that, but then life became yet more mucky these last few, and I am finding a bit of a Hoover where my creativity generally lives. Hope the damn maid is done soon…;)

    thank you for this shiny copper…:)

    • Your welcome Karen, could I talk you into trying this week’s haibun challenge? Two great words to choose from – Illusion or Ecstacy! Pretty please with (your favorite food) on top!!!

  9. If you go in to history and mythology all text 9in any subject) was written in poetry all over the world. The development of prose in writing represents a haste to put ideas in words without adequate mastery of the language. IMHO. 🙂

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