Your Inner Truth ~ who you are deep inside!

“A bouquet of flowers to begin your week!”

Inner Truth

I’ve thought about this for quite a while now. Years, actually. I’ve found nothing to change my thinking on the subject. I believe that deep inside every single human being is a set of inner truths, call it a genetic marker, call it DNA sequencing, call it natural instincts, call it the human soul, It exists in each of us. We are born with this signature of Inner Truth.

Many who are creative connect more quickly to inner truth. They can’t help themselves. They become so enraptured with the beauty of life in their chosen creative format that their inner truth is revealed for others to see through their artistic expression.

But just because an artist perceives their inner truth doesn’t mean they understand it. All too frequently their emotions are tossed and turned by the ebbs and flows of life and what they know is there but cannot understand or define.

Each day of our existence we wake up and go about our daily activities and for some of us we dwell on the why and how of who we are. Mostly we find no answers, a mystery. None the less the Truth waits inside for us to discover, nurture and grow. Yours is waiting for you, right now!

Life’s Inner Truth

awaken to this day of your life
purity in thought, word, and deed
bending never breaking
a calm in a storm
always there
at peace
caring, loving
becoming who you are meant to be.
Penny L Howe, 2013


Thanks for stopping by, may your week ahead be a peaceful and happy one!

33 thoughts on “Your Inner Truth ~ who you are deep inside!

  1. profound words to meditate on daily. perhaps inner truth is finding the goodness within us. we all have it naturally but as you write, some find it easier and understand quicker. lovely thoughts today. thanks.

  2. Thanks for the flowers!
    My inner truth likes to mess around with me sometimes. Then again – that is so me – LOL
    Happy Day – Happy Week!
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  3. If you believe that your ‘inner truth’ is not a physical element but rather an energy, then you can take comfort in the fact that energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed.

    • Yes of course, in a manner of speaking Einstein proved this didn’t he? He, the great believer of change through imagination – covering all bases! Thank you for your wise words, Paul!

  4. A lovely posting Penny, if we all think
    positive thoughts then anything can be
    achieved 🙂

    There is no room for pessimism…
    Just beautiful gestures, like these
    delightful flowers 🙂

    Have a lovely rest of
    Monday my sweet friend 🙂

    Andro xxx

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