Play your music – they will come!


“Be creative. Express yourself. Step out and dare to live. We all need the music in our souls to come out and be shared with others. Β 

Play your music – they will come!” Penny L Howe



Everyone have an excellent middle of the week, day, evening, and rest of the week too. Listen to Β and share your music (creative talents) with others!

~ Penny

25 thoughts on “Play your music – they will come!

  1. Hope you won’t mind me sharing this link.
    Completely different scenario, but – for me – stunningly inspirational too.
    Love the whole flashmob phenomena – but here is a different version of – mostly – the same tune.
    Would like to know what you think/feel as you listen to it.

    • Absolutely out of this world, excellent and brilliant – a masterpiece, I could go on and on! Fantastic! What I feel, it reaches deep …(do you understand this feeling?) striking parts of me where I feel the vibrations and tonal qualities so intensely, rich and pure. Thank you, I will listen to this again and again. Takes me to another place … a place I love to be – at least while the music is playing!

    • Isn’t it magnificent though! I watch it again and again, reminds me that we all love to be uplifted in a joyous and unexpected way.Thank you for stopping by and commenting, I very much appreciate your visit!

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