Ligo Haibun Challenge

ligo_circle_of_appreciation2Welcome to this weeks Ligo Haibun Challenge – #13, open to all writers, everywhere.

For those Haibuner’s (my affectionate term here) who are already a part of our international writing group, you may be aware that the time when we publish our newest challenge each week varies. My apologies for this.

We (each of the hosts) live in three different parts of the planet (Interestingly, somewhat 13682519091 (1) equidistant from one another – spanning the globe.) and have been diligently working (via emails) on coordinating the timing for this. Please bear with us, as we continue to improve this and other aspects of our writing challenge.

For specific information on how to enter this challenge go to the top of the page and click on Haibun – The Challenge! Also check out the other hosts Nightlake and Ye Pirate!

The Prompts this week are photographs of two very different type of animals, Thanks to Ese Kļava of Ese’s Voice for providing the first photo!

hai two

Hai one

Pick one of the above photos and write! This should be fun – give it a try! After you’ve published your haibun post, do be sure and add yours to the collection below. Just click on the Link and follow the easy directions.

Have an excellent Friday and Weekend,

~ Penny

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