Time Out for Art – Shadows of Light and Dark!

Yesterday was Time Out For Art at Zeebra Designs and Destinations. An every Thursday affair where Lisa encourages you to take a break and draw! I’ve really missed participating in the last few weeks, and am pleased to be only a day late this week. Although, I was drawing yesterday, I didn’t get it posted until today. Be sure to check out her wonderful blog.

For me drawing is one of the most relaxing things I can do, my mind letting go of day to day worries and focusing on the art of drawing (or painting, or sculpting, or writing, etc ….) while listening to music. A creative outlet!

Recently I’ve been working on a sketch for a blogging friend in England that many of you know, Ute! She sent me a photo, and while I’m still working on the actual sketch that’s more in keeping with the photo itself, I decided to experiment with Light and Dark and Ute’s face.

So I imagined that a bright light was illuminating her features from the left, washing out most of the detail on the left side of her face with shades of darkness and shadows on the right.

This is what I came up with: What do you think Ute? (And yes, I had already asked her permission to do this).

Ute - Shadows


And here’s her photograph!


An excellent photo of Ute – and the owl’s a hoot! LOL

Be sure and visit Ute’s at Ute smile, she’s a delight! And she just returned from Spain where she not only spent time with her mom but also visited another excellent blogger and friend, Ralph – visit him too, his blog is excellent!

Thanks for stopping by, Enjoy your weekend my wonderful friends!

~ Penny

39 thoughts on “Time Out for Art – Shadows of Light and Dark!

    • Thank you Lauren. It has been awhile, when my children were small I did portraits for a living for a period of time, privately, at home, and on weekends at Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida. I could capture a good likeness so I was one of the artists that would sit out where the tourists could watch (with one or more people sitting) and me sketching them using pastels. That part was very difficult. I soooo don’t miss that. Thanks again dear friend! 🙂 xo

  1. I love this drawing Penny. I had thought that trying my hand at sketching would be a relaxing outlet for me but have to confess that I have yet to give it a try. Seems looking back that has been the case with much lately. 😉

  2. Great image of her face, wish I could do it. I found the wash out effect a little eerie, ghostly, is that what you intended. I will check out some of the other sites you recommended, thanks for visiting mine.

  3. wow! you capture the art of your face perfectly well. 🙂

    It’s true. art does keep the mind sane and escape from our day to day lives. It keeps us calm, relax, and just listening to pure silence and nature humming with her birds. 🙂

  4. Penny I think you are an amazing artist, with light and shadow I think it is even harder to sketch than just normal, and it came out really lovely. By the way, this picture frame with my name on was a gift form Alastair when he came to visit London, he had it made and bought it for me on the bridge over the Thames where the houses of Parliament are.
    Totally love your sketch, much love and glad you did this experiment! Big hugs!

  5. That’s awesome! I love the wire-frame name as well. The photo is great and what you have done with the light and dark is nothing short of brilliant. Well done Penny. You have shown once again that you are a 100% talent in nearly every field.

  6. so beautiful! love her picture too!
    I have to say I am learning so much
    through this time out for art
    with you drawing
    you can really tell the light is
    illuminating her face, the contrast
    of the dark and light, I am learning
    from this drawing many things
    and thank you for that.

    Have a great weekend Penny!

    • Hi Doris, thank you, very much. I’m looking forward to stopping by to visit you. I can’t wait to see what you’ve drawn. My last few weeks have been especially busy ones and I have missed this. The shading was more difficult than I had thought it would be, and of course now that I look at it (once removed) I can see much that I would do differently with some of the shadows. Sigh! Still fun though, I am pleased my drawing has some value for you. Your art (talent) is wonderful. You too have a relaxing and excellent weekend dear friend! xx

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