The Rest of the Story – Earth for lunch!

We do so many things today where we don’t really think about the ‘why’ of it. We think about the ‘what for’ and ‘how come’, not so much the why or …

… the rest of the story.

Here’s an example: Why do so many people frequent fast food restaurants every day? They didn’t used to. Before life became so hectic and busy (at home) they’d eat almost all their meals there, including preparing lunches to take to school or work. It was just the way it was. Connecting with the family and helping out with the meal preparation. So you’re thinking to yourself, “Oh so that’s the reason why. We’ve gotten too busy. Picking up fast food is convenient.” Well yes and no. That’s just the first part of the story.

The rest of the story has to do with how we initially felt when we stopped in at a fast food restaurant. It was fun. No work involved. yummy fat laden richness wrapped up in a treat like environment. These sensations hitting all of our “feel good” places. It was affordable, quick and pleasurable. At some point these same feelings were passed on to the next generation. Simply stated it became addictive. An easy enjoyable treat … and ‘in our minds eye” a solution to a meal.

Now it has become a part of many millions of people’s life styles. They will tell you and themselves that it is because its convenient, cheap, fast and fun but truthfully, It’s because it’s easier and it definitely (the moment it hits our addictive “feel good” center) has become a way of life, starting as soon as we’re old enough to “get it”.

The sad part is, the food is heavily processed, so as a constant diet, a very bad idea. but even more importantly we need to grow or purchase, in a market, fresh food items (to reconnect ourselves, more closely, to our interactions with the natural part of the planet we live on). Our awareness and involvement of the ecosystems (of which we are a part) is increasingly missing. And we need this connection for our health and the planet’s health as well.

We may live longer, but I don’t think most of us are happier. Many (at a young age) suffer from a variety of health complaints that didn’t exist 50 years ago. Stress not withstanding, (as it is certainly the main “killer” in our over processed life), the food we eat, where it comes from, the processing of it and our own lack of personal hands on involvement is the continuing results of the “fast food” mentality …

*… and that’s the rest of the story.

(*if these words sound familiar to any of you it’s because a very famous American radio talk show host from the 1950’s to the `90’s Paul Harvey” used these lines … as a part of his commentary. They served him well, so I’m borrowing them now. They do help to make a point!)

Have an excellent labor day today if you live in the U.S.A and a great week ahead for my friends who’ve already started their new week in our global community,

Good Day!

~ Penny

28 thoughts on “The Rest of the Story – Earth for lunch!

  1. And for those who have been frequenting these fast food establishments, it seems easier to take a pill in an attempt to alleviate the health issues brought on by this lifestyle instead of exercising and educating ourselves on a better way of living. We have moved so far from the core values most of us were raised on, is it any wonder we are such an unhappy, unhealthy society.

  2. Great post! It’s a shame that parents take their kids to these places as a “treat” or a “reward” when there’s no nutrition whatsoever. Home cooked food should be the treat, it’s so much better!

  3. Great post, Penny, and so very true! When our kids were little, we went to McDonald’s a few times, but it wasn’t a habit. And now, we never go to fast food. There are some good, authentic burger, Thai food and Mexican food places near us (all local food) that occasionally we will get take out or stop in for a lunch. But, no more McDonald’s, Burger King, etc. My kids, now that they’re older, won’t go near a fast food joint! πŸ™‚ We eat at home a lot or dinner out at a nice restaurant once in awhile…xxx

  4. So true Penny, pretty much the same thing happens here. Though I don’t. Mainly because of diet and because I like to cook nowadays. Cooking the evening meal, some nights more nutritious than others, but always we sit down at the table to share what we have, though my son is a very finicky eater. Every two weeks my children and I gather for a family dinner which we each cook something for. Love all that. Its Tuesday here, the week is in full swing.

    • And as I answer you it must be your Wednesday afternoon? So the week is really in full swing there. Good to hear you enjoy cooking now. It is a healthier approach and fun too, for you and your family … too cool! xx

  5. We don’t use fast food that often. We use it as a “reward” or when we are on a day out somewhere. When we went to London, we went to a MacDonalds, whereas when I met Ute, it was more of a restaurant that we visited. Time out with children makes it different, it is also a way that I find they open a little more as they are used to being around places like that with their friends, so they inadvertently open up. At home, it is seen as a more … what’s the word I am looking for? Not strict .. but something similar to that. It is more parent/child. Whilst at MacDonald’s, KFC, Burger King or any of the pretend ones, it is more like being on a level basis.

    Personally, I prefer eating at home as I know exactly what goes into it.

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