A Review and a Special Thank You!

Among the first of my blogging friends (we started following each other a little over a year ago) is Stefan (Maxima) and while we live in different countries, neither the distance nor the language has prevented us from being great online friends. From the very beginning I was drawn into the poetic and loving nature of his posts and poems.

The photographs he takes (many are from the roses in his flower garden) are beautiful. His music unique and special. All parts of his blog are produced for the effect of pleasing and entertaining his daily visitors – most especially his poems of love!

Recently Stefan published his first book of love poems. He has put the same care and beautiful sensuality into each page. I encourage you to visit his blog and find out more about his book “Don’t Let Tears Kiss My Face”, click here. Emotionally sensual and vivid, a delight to the mind and eye. Available soon through BookRix to all of those who wish to read and purchase. Congratulations Stefan, well done!

I would like to personally thank Stefan for posting an interview with me, this past Friday, promoting the children’s book, ‘The Shy Butterfly”, written by myself and illustrated by Debbie Edwards.

Your support is greatly appreciated Stefan, I thank you from ~ my heart to yours, dear friend.

~ Penny

41 thoughts on “A Review and a Special Thank You!

    • Hi Kenley. Thank you for your much appreciated compliment. I agree with you about bloggers being loving and caring folks and the support is just excellent that we find with one another, just like with you my friend, even when we get really busy in our day to day lives! Again my sincere thanks! 🙂

  1. My friend Stefan has a superlative skill and exceptional eye and ear for the beautiful and he generously shares his love of writing and appreciation for fine books with us through his expertise in this art. Congratulations on your exciting book, “The Shy butterfly”. I most highly recommend “Don’t Let Tears Kiss My Face” a true work of art by Stefan..

    • Hello, and thank you, sincerely, for your congratulations re: the Shy Butterfly. I completely agree with you about Stefan’s skill and exceptional eye. I am honored to know him.The world is a richer place because of his written words. May I also extend congratulations to you on your recently published book
      “House of Dreams”, poetry for dreamers, by Holly Hunter! Both you and Stefan are excellent poets. I appreciate your stopping by and commenting.

    • Hello Paulette. A wonderful achievement that is more possible today for many talented and formerly unpublished writers. Thank you for your kind words! He is worthy of this tribute, a sincere and loving man!

    • Hello Shakti, how have you been my friend? You honor me with your beautiful compliment. Stefan has a great blog to follow and I am happy you will be visiting him! Take care of you, Penny xx

  2. That’s excellent. I have been reading Stefan’s blog for some time as well, and he always does wondrous poetry. I think I will see about buying his book when it is released. His poetry is always something to enjoy.

    • Good Morning Alastair. It is a wonderful blog and yes he does! I am glad to hear you might buy his book. I think it will definitely be worth it, my friend! Sorry I’ve been so absent in follows, crazy schedule here right now. Hopefully will improve soon! 🙂 xo

      • That’s okay. I know people are busy all the time. I am busy myself so aren’t managing to get to the places I usually want to at the moment.

        I have a few books I wish to buy from other readers including our dear Roxi.

        Also, I don’t know if you remember my fiction I did last year .. “An Offer …”, well I wrote another piece for it yesterday, and I have decided that I am going to rewrite the first four and upload them to Wattpad. I think it will help with everything else that I am doing at the same time 🙂

        I hope you have a good day today my friend. Hugs to you all over there.

  3. Super Stefan,I know him for along time too and love his poems. I shall look out for his book. I did read his post with your book too Penny, I only re read it the other day, as it is so beautiful! You are both great writers!

  4. Thank you my beautiful friend Penny ! I feel so proud that -I had the honor to present to you, as a friend and as a renowned blogger and as a beautiful poet – Thank you for a wonderful post and I wish you all the best and happiness and pleasure filled night with love stefan

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