Worlds within Worlds – Searching for fulfillment

This …

This then is being.

Cumbersome thoughts assail me. I set aside my imagination so I may ponder my reality. My realness. What I see – the view from my eyes, my living, my taking part in. My truth. My world.

Does my world overlap into your world? How far? Not the fantasy one (although that’s fun) but the real world. The one you live in everyday. How much of my world is your world? Not a lot, would be my guess. We are mostly this way. Our worlds and happenings overlapping with other’s worlds and happenings. But we stay, a large portion of the time, locked within the world of our reality and our making. Adding to or taking away from, dependent on our individual comfort level and need.

So then what do you make of this whole blogging world of things?Β We all seem to be reaching out, don’t we? What are we reaching for?Β And Why?

We seem to be presenting ourselves to each other. Visually and with our words. We are searching – aren’t we? What is it that we need so fiercely that we take the time each day to present ourselves, or an especially created version of ourselves to this virtual world.

What’s missing in our lives that compels us to share ourselves in this manner? Do you know? Have you thought about this too?

Do we need to be needed, thought about, supported, encouraged, loved, appreciated, desired … Β just because we do? Is this enough of a reason to care, to connect and make a difference with each other?

Yes … Yes it is.

~ Penny

25 thoughts on “Worlds within Worlds – Searching for fulfillment

    • Yes, Ivonne. Exactly so. We (speaking for myself here mostly) spend so many of our years searching for an acceptance. I got acceptance from my parents 10 years after it didn’t matter so much any more, because I woke up one day and decided I really liked who I was and that was enough. I always loved and respected them, and miss them now. But I would have given anything, at one time for that acceptance, the way my other siblings were. I can personally relate to your words here, my friend. All of us are unique, special and who we are, and should be valued for that!

  1. Penny, I enjoyed this post. Prior to the Internet and the ease with which people can connect using this tool today, we must have done the same things, only differently (and harder), to connect with people. There were (are) clubs, organizations, churches, schools and many more. It was not the global connection that the Internet provides today, but a localized one. In most cases it was more of a closer, face-to-face interaction. Of course all this goes without saying. However, the Internet and blogging offers a person a way of connecting with a larger audience and provides a friendly way to share your life and creativity, which happens on a regular and in most cases a daily bases. Blogging has helped people that might be “shy” in person to interact easier and in a way that makes the person feel comfortable. I read a foreign blog the other day that brought tears to my eyes. Without blogging we would not be able to read, share and understand these experiences. Sheila

    • Thank you Sheila for your wonderful comments, I agree with you, most fulsomely! Some very positive things are happening because of blogging connections online! and like you I feel my day is richer as the result, again my thanks for sharing your thoughts here, my friend! xx

  2. I have my blog to express my self, to learn, and to be connected to people who think like me, most of them art artist some are not but by having a blog they are writers they are telling a story and I want to know their story

    I saw a poem the other day about that
    the artist was talking about how we as bloggers
    look forward to orange/ white start
    that it made his day just to see that little icon
    it made him fill like he was work something

    well i do not know but I am happy to find you and many friend, cause I do not have followers just friends πŸ˜‰

  3. It is lovely to connect with other like minded bloggers. I did not expect anything when I started but I can say that all my wonderful blogger friends are giving me so much joy, love, encouragement and that is why I love blogging. We need each other to encourage each other, to inspire each other and to talk to each other. It is a great relationship and I love it!

  4. I think that when it comes to interacting with other bloggers, the more we interact with them, the more we cross over into their world. We learn from others and we grow as a result from it. As one grows, the other grows as well.

    Bloggers need other bloggers, one can’t carry on without the other. Writing for oneself is fine to a point, but then we start needing the feedback. We need to grow more. We can’t do that alone. We need to be shown how to by others lighting the way even when they don’t know they are doing it.

    We reach out for a hand to help us up the next rung in our blogging evolution. Then we can turn and help that person up level. Each time we raise a rung, we help others up as well. That’s the inspiration.

    Thank you for sharing this post Penny. Another one to think about

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