I Can Fly and Touch The Sky!

I Will Fly … High!

We (all of us) are the compilation of our journey through life – our struggles, our sorrows, our joys and successes.

Birds fly. They, with glorious feathered wings, descend into the heavens to soar high above the sky – ennobled through their freedom of flying.

We humans are earthbound it seems, forever to have our feet on the earth of the ground.

But is this a truth? Are we? After all we are creatures of our own making. Do we not control our destinies, chose the direction we would follow?

Perhaps … if we so desire … we can set free our imaginations, our dreams and we too can fly.

Fly today my friends, fly high…touch the sky!

To Touch the Sky

I would fly

if I could,

I might close my eyes,

spreading arms open wide

and rise up

touch the sky.

And now that I think on it


a simply thing – this flying.

Today, I believe,

I will fly.


 Have a great day!

~ Penny

Reprinted from an earlier post.

39 thoughts on “I Can Fly and Touch The Sky!

  1. Pingback: when you fly. | somewhere between life and death.

    • Don’t I wish. It came from one of the free online photo morgues and sometimes at a few of this places the photographer doesn’t represent his or herself very well so you end up with no one to credit except a jpeg, without a link to anything! 😦

  2. “if man were meant to fly, he would have been born at the end of a runway” hehe sorry, couldn’t resist.

    I love birds. I often stand on my front or rear balcony watching them. Either the way they glide, the way they flap their wings, the way they land. Especially when they land on the cliffs. So graceful. They are a wonder to behold.

    Thank you for sharing this Penny

    • Yeah, my runway is right outside always ready and waiting! lol. You are lucky that they can be so close to you. I wasn’t able to comment but I did see the bird photo you took on the 8th. Just wonderful Alastair! xx

      • Thank you Penny. :-)I know there are time constraints for a lot of people now. Research for me stops me visiting as many blogs as I want to. Sometimes I use photos I have taken in previous days as I don’t have time to take photos.

        If I could, I would spend all of time bird watching.

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