Love, A Sparrow, and What’s Important!


Age should never change the quality of love. Never!


“The elderly need your love as much as the young do 
and they’ve already given their share to you.
It’s your turn now!”


28 thoughts on “Love, A Sparrow, and What’s Important!

    • Andro … Hello there, my very wickedly wonderfully and so very kind friend. I have been enjoying my week. Too much in each day though. I am sooo overdue to visit, well just about every one online. Thank you very kindly, I hope yours has going well also! 🙂 xo

    • Hi Paula! It did make me cry, a message very well done, I thought. Love you Paula, I need to come and visit OZ, hang out awhile, be cool and enjoy just having a relaxing time of things with you (okay, maybe some craziness thrown in the mix too, lol! Big hugs back atcha! Penny xxxx

      • Hahaha! For sure some craziness thrown in. Right now it’s pretty cold, especially for Western Australia. In about 3 or weeks it will start to get really warm. I love it then, but a few weeks after that? Lordy, it’s like you’re on fire! Lol
        Single life has kept me away from keeping up with posts, but that’s a good thing, right? Better than staying home feeling sorry for myself. If you come? We go out dance and have a few drinks. Pfft don’t worry that we aren’t spring chickens anymore…we can give the young ones a run for there money. Lol Hugs Penny. xxxxx

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