The Wisest Man and Spreading “Good Will”!

The Wisest man
I ever knew,
had little to say
and lots to do.
But at the close of every day,
he’d turn to others and he’d say
“Well done my friend … well done!”

So one day I asked what he meant. Was he referring to a specific job well done? That the work day was over? That it was time to go home and rest? That he was satisfied with the others and the day’s accomplishments, and he replied to me:



I never get over the fact that there are those who go through each day and pass “good will” around in the same way I see others pass around ridicule and disdain, indifference and cruelty.

I believe within most of us is a “fire” – to make a difference, to be and do more than we have already done with our lives. More and more, I see people taking a few minutes out of their day to do a random act of kindness and I’m loving it. There are a lot of good people out there! And a whole bunch of them are online blogging too and I love it!

Good day to you and a better tomorrow!
~ Penny

25 thoughts on “The Wisest Man and Spreading “Good Will”!

  1. I believe there are so many more good than bad. It’s just that the light is often focused on those who do heinous acts most often. I have noticed for some time that if one watches the network news at night, most of it focuses on what is wrong in the world and then, at the very end of the broadcast, it is ended with one small act of kindness or a “feel good” story. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see more of those final stories of the day throughout the program?

    • Yes, and I’ve noticed in this past year, lots more bloggers who are inspirational. I agree with you, I think it is fantastic Ute, just makes us feel better about life and ourselves when we connect with like minded, caring people around the world!

  2. Your observation is keen. I haven’t thought much about it before. I think most of us realize when a day had gone well, although we don’t seem to care to share the fact with others. Thank you for the wakeup call.

    • So true, dear friend. I, myself, am long overdue in visiting other blogs and reading the amazing amount of talent that’s online in the blogging world, Padmini. Each day goes by so quickly. I am hoping to catch up a little within this week. Reprioritizing a few things I do each day! xx

  3. I am on the blog of one of those people now.

    I find a lot of the bloggers are very inspirational – or at least those that I read.

    Your opening paragraph is amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us

    • You are too kind Alastair. But I do thank you and am appreciative! It is really wonderful how many inspiration blogs are out there now, as opposed to a few years ago. Yours is a shining example, dear friend.

      Thank you for your compliment! 🙂 xx

      • Thank you Penny. I do try to help, and hope I do at least a little. When I finally pack up my laptop and push up daisies, I want my good bits to outweigh my bad bits.

        The amount of blogs and websites that can give inspiration are increasing daily.

    • Thank you. For some it does seem as if a generous caring nature comes naturally. I’ve been fortunate to meet a few like that in my life. (privately I’ve been sure they were guardian angels in disguise, lol) you know what I mean? They just glow with goodness! 🙂 xx

  4. I think it is so important to see life as a pile of positives rather than negatives. It is so easy to find fault, so easy to ridicule as that sometimes feels like we can be in some way superior to others. I think the challenge is to see the good that exists around us. There are people out there doing amazing things day in and day out and never thinking of life as being anything else but what they do.I often stand in awe of nurses for example.
    I love it that you provide things for me to ponder on.

    • Hi Michael. Thank you. I agree with the positive and negative choices we are offered each day. Nurses are incredibly nurturing and caring. Something else incredible are the statistics about nurses. They live longer than those in any other profession. Well there is one other professional group that lives almost as long (on average of course) as they do … yes you guessed it – Teachers! Neither surprising when you think about it my friend! 🙂 xx

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