The warmth of your arms ~ paradise lost!


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This weeks photo prompt:


Photo credit: Jan Wayne Fields

Flash Fiction version:

(count – 100 words)

Paradise Lost

Remember my saying “when I am in your arms the world is a perfect place?” It was true. I felt loved, desired and safe. Three strong emotional needs we all share, I found in your arms. Isn’t that what paradise is all about? Shared experiences in the moment, our weekend in New York, wrapped in gossamer tissues of hopes, desires and promises.

Then our worlds clashed, private agendas displacing love with personal goals.

Now, memories of our brief happiness mixed with desire and longing. Loving memories of paradise … and paradise lost.

Missing the warmth of your arms.


The full length version:

Paradise Lost

I miss the warmth of your arms. I have for 6 long months now. But your agenda was different than mine. We did connect though, didn’t we? The long weekend we spent in one of the most romantic cities on the planet, New York, was heavenly in it’s perfection.

Do you remember my telling you, when I was in your arms, the world was a perfect place? I felt loved, desired and safe – all rolled into one. Three of the strongest emotional needs humans require. I found them all – in your arms.

But that’s what paradise is all about, isn’t it? What is experienced in the moment; wrapped in gossamer tissues of hopes, desires and promises. Such heady stuff.

And so we played, laughed and loved, reality continuing, all around us, while we lived our dreams. Then our worlds clashed, the love still there but overwhelmed by our individual game plans and our inability to express ourselves well – as  you pointed out after you’d been gone for awhile and we were speaking on the phone – You asked why neither one of us had looked into the other’s eyes and said “I need you and love you so much” even though we both felt it.

Each, so insecure of self we feared the other’s open rejection and our own ability to be what we felt the other wanted  – so we were silent.

But happiness was mine, for a brief period of time. Now I have memories of contentment mixed in with sensual desire and longing. Such loving memories of paradise and paradise lost.

I miss the warmth of your arms.


Thank you for reading, have a lovely day today and a beautiful tomorrow!

~ Penny

63 thoughts on “The warmth of your arms ~ paradise lost!

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  2. You write so beautifully Penny. Although it was wonderful to read the longer version, I found that the first piece said it all, which speaks to why you write so beautifully. 🙂

  3. Once again AnElephantCant find the words.
    He once had a similar experience in another magical city in the USA when, in similar fashion, distance eventually intervened.
    Fragility of confidence – or is it belief? – seems to create gaps where none really exist.
    Magnificent writing, 100 word masterpiece and a longer heart-breaker.

    • Hi Celestine, thank you dear friend. Sometimes the words just come forth – don’t they! The difference a few life experiences can make! Have an excellent weekend my friend – you and your family too! 🙂 xx

  4. Dear Penny,

    You must’ve read my mind. I noticed you’d been off the list for a while. I missed you and am happy to see you back. Life has a way of happening while we’re busy making other plans, doesn’t it?

    Each of your versions have merit. A unique and enjoyable, if not unexpected, take on the prompt. Pity neither of them could admit to their feelings. Poignant.



  5. Dear Penny,

    Both versions spoke volumes. “…Loved, desired and safe.” Powerful needs and the great emptiness that can fill the heart at their loss. Powerful writing.



  6. I love how you offered your write in a condensed version for the purpose of the prompt & included a full length version too. I read them both & enjoyed them both just the same. Although the 2nd one has a bit more to it – the first picks up the key points & tells the same story.
    You did this so well!
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  7. Nice to be back and get to read all the stories again. Can’t really add much to all the effusive comments above. I sometimes think I should just comment first, then read the other comments. Oh, well, either way it was a touching story.


    • Hey hi Janet, life still going crazy busy for me, like full bore. People are very generous with their comments. I do value your opinion however, most especially the time you take from your busy day to visit. Thank you very much!

  8. I love this but broke my heart at the same time. Oh New York…can be very romantic. I loved both versions but the longer one really hit me in the heart more. It is funny how love and loss is something we can all relate to on one level or another.

  9. Both versions were wonderful..I found myself liking the first one the are a wonderful writer, I always enjoy visiting you

  10. WOW!!!

    The full version makes the first one completely different. It shows what missing words out will do. You have proved here just how good you are with writing, Penny. These are awesome.

    (And this will probably have to be moderated as I had a complete change of my blog today)

    • Thanks Alastair for your generous praise. And Yes I did have to approve your comment. I guess I need to go catch up on your blog soonest and a whole bunch of other wonderful bloggers that I am behind on visiting. I look forward to seeing what you’ve changed dear friend! 🙂 xo

      • The theme is the same as I love that one and I have so many widgets I don’t want to lose them.

        This story though, is incredible. The way you did both of them, cutting a huge amount of words out took the passion from the first one. It’s amazing the difference it makes, and I can see why you didn’t want to cut down the fairy tale. You truly are gifted my friend

  11. Lovely Penny. We have memories of what might have been, guess that’s part of life. You have expressed the longing for what was lost so well. Well done and best wishes.

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