What Do You Believe?



I embraced the glow

Listening to intangible truths

And I but a mortal can only wonder

At that which I cannot see

But know and feel to be.

     ~ Penny L. Howe, 2012

I believe that deep inside lies a flame. A light if you will. I call it faith. I don’t mean religion. Religion is how many chose to embrace, celebrate and nurture their faith. But faith comes in all formats and I believe in each one of us exists this glowing essence. Faith is the language of the soul. The glow from within.

The flame glows mightily for some and almost imperceptibly for others. But it’s always there, none the less.

Some spend their lives disbelieving what their soul whispers to them in the night. Some spend their lives questioning that which they cannot understand even though they feel it inside. Some spend their lives on a quest embracing that which they cannot understand but chose to accept. And some radiate the glow from within for all to see.

Faith is the language of our soul and whatever you decide to accept and believe, it will always be there inside, waiting to come forth. I believe faith is the flame that shines within your soul that brightens your hopes, your dreams, your possibilities, your life. This I believe.

~ Penny

29 thoughts on “What Do You Believe?

  1. Brilliant. I like the way you tell this, Penny. Faith is something that we all have, and we do need to listen to it. It is there to help, to advise, to guide, to help. Faith helps you take that step you don’t want to. To say the the words you are scared of saying. To write the poem you are terrified of posting.

    Each of our inner lights can be seen if we look for it. Another excellent piece my friend. Have a great day.

  2. I believe anything is possible – with a little faith, and I believe all those inner lights shining will continue to bring the warmth and light to the world which can never go out. Have a great weekend Penny! Blessings, H xxx

    • Hi Harula, you’re right. It’s happening everywhere with many of us right now, and it’s spreading too! How awesome is that! You also have a wonderful weekend, and very sincere blessing my friend! xo

  3. What beautiful thought Penny.
    I agree with you about religion.
    I also believe the notion of our soul radiating the good within us.

    • Hello Michael, Hope your weekend has been going well for you, my friend! Perhaps the soul is the sum of all our aware thoughts and feelings – (the spirit’s juxaposition relating to our sixth sense). I feel it when I’m around some people – eminating outward. Do you? 🙂 xx

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