A Letter to A Friend!

Dear Friend,
There are times, when life seems so very overwhelming, for a compilation of different reasons and we feel we are on overload. The air that we breathe becomes too heavy. Our creativity can become lost inside ourselves when this happens.
The world becomes a little disjointed. It just seems to be too much. So we tend to let go of the one thing that nourishes our personal and individual self. The time we take to be with ourselves.
We women, give and give. Just what we do. We’re nurturers, one of the things we do best! We think on personal goals, but they are in a constant state of flux as the result of life’s challenges and interruptions.
Did you know that inside of you is a mighty strength! (which might not be believed initially but true, none the less). We (all of us) are so much more than we think we are. I love you and believe in you. You and I have never met in the offline reality of things, dear friend but you have become so very dear and special to me.
There is within you an amazing gift of caring for others. It is reflected in your creative talents in all that you do online. Each beautiful post you present and share with others. But then you are always sharing yourself. I expect you also share yourself this way in the everyday things in life. For a woman, this can be exhausting. and you can begin to believe you will not be able to find a balance. But you will.
Know this, you are in my prayers, each day, I think of you and send across the miles positive thoughts for your well being.
All my love and support to you today,
For you my dearest friend:

39 thoughts on “A Letter to A Friend!

  1. I think so many women can relate to this, giving so much and neglecting to leave anything of value for ourselves. I lived my life for too many years doing this and finally restored some balance to my life. Given our current situation (caregiving and husband’s cancer diagnosis) I so easily slipped right back into those old patterns. It was your love and your support Penny that made me see this truth. I know, as do all your followers, the beautiful woman you are inside and out, and I want to thank you for your most generous gift of yourself, from the bottom of my heart. You can’t begin to imagine how moved I was by this post that I just opened moments ago. Much love to you dear friend.

  2. Thank you, Penny, for caring about us all so much:-) Yes, it is exhausing being a woman, with all that giving and giving. You make sure to take a break for yourself this weekend. You’ve earned it a million times over.

    • Hi Sally, how have you been, my friend? I’m the lucky one for having met so many wonderful friends online, like you! It is a beautiful song isn’t it! You’re very welcome. Love to you! 🙂 xx

      • I’m just fine, thank you! Change of medication has meant less discomfort – it seems the meds were the cause of the pain which required painkillers which were contraindicated with other meds.
        Life is treating us well, thank you very much. 🙂
        And how about you? How are things with you and yours? 🙂

        • Oh Sally, those contraindications that have gotten so convoluted that we have to be better informed (ourselves) in case our doctors aren’t forthcoming or haven’t kept up with the flow of all the new meds and their interference with each other (or the pharmacist is too busy to catch it. Often overwhelming!

          I am glad the problem was figured out and that life is treating you well – a good thing! 🙂 I am very well myself, busy here, but in a good and positive way. The family is doing excellent (most days very happy faces) and thank you so kindly for asking. Take care of you, dear friend – love, Penny 🙂 xo

    • I love being called a good egg Paulette, thank you my friend! I’m glad it does. The words are true too so very fulsomely meant here. You also a most uplifting and relaxing weekend, do something special for yourself! xo

  3. Reblogged this on I am Super Istar and commented:
    A thoughtful post from my dear blogger friend Penny. I just read this at the right moment Penny, thank you so much. I almost feel like giving up for the last 2 weeks. Reading your posts brought me some encouragement.

    To all my ladies out there, this is for you too! Read ahead! More love and cheers to women empowerment.

  4. Penny! This speaks refreshment to me in my current life season which looks to be the desert. I was beginning to accept the fact that my spiritual ears were clogged, until I heard your prayers loud and clear. Thank you so much, friend for your encouragement. Yes, I realize this was a generic open letter, but I’m claiming it for me today:)

  5. That was a touching letter to read and the song…I love that song. You are right about us women, we do tend to give so much and at times we find we left nothing for ourselves.

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