Take time to smell the flowers in you life!

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“Each new day is a precious gift
Live life joyfully and with gratitude
… or you defeat the whole purpose of living!”
~Penny L Howe, 2013

Hi everyone, I won’t be on line as much and will be publishing fewer blogs for a while. All’s well, just a few things to do that will keep me busy,  a few projects and setting up a new routine for a much busier schedule!

I will be visiting, as I can however, in the meantime take care of you and I’ll be back soonest.

Much love to everyone,

~ Penny

42 thoughts on “Take time to smell the flowers in you life!

  1. Hi Penny,
    I’m so behind I’m not sure if you’re back again..going through older emails..anyway, I hope you’re okay and just taking some relaxation time! Much love to you! I’ll check your recent post! 🙂

    • Thanks LuAnn, I do spend a fair amount of time being introspective when I write these pieces. But you are correct, something to do for personal self too, very important! Thank you for caring about me dearest friend! I am better for knowing you! 🙂 xo

      • I feel I have known you my whole life. It may seem rather odd my saying that but you have an uncanny way of making us all feel so comfortable. Your nurturing, non-judgmental nature is a gift to us all and we are all so fortunate that you have touched our lives. I am one lucky woman indeed to have crossed your path. 🙂

  2. Hi Penny ,
    I nearly freeked out almost as if i knew you personally and you were leaving! ….
    I havent been on much but love reading every ones blogs and encouragement to each other still doing that most days….FEELS SO LIKE A FAMILY ”
    take care of you catch up soon
    much love lis

    • Hi Steffi, just checking in here and caught your comment. Too amazing because just yesterday Jack asked me how you were doing? He had been thinking about you and while there have been delays in Jack and Emma getting their own blogs (responsibility issues, lol) They are close to beginning and you are the first person he wants to invite to follow. He obviously sent very strong mental waves across the ocean to you, my dear friend! Just wanted to pass on, the love you extending to this young man is returned in full to you! 🙂 xoxo

      • Hi Penny!

        Thank you for checking-in!
        I also found it curious to read about your retreat as I am just returning from mine. A couple of synchronicities happening , here.
        Seems a lot of people are in need of a little time out, currently, to re-structure and reset and we are not the only ones. 😉

        I am looking forward to visit Jack’s and Emma’s Blogs when they are launched. (And I know they will be launched at the perfect time.)
        Tell Jack I am feeling honoured that he wants to invite me to follow! And that I thank him for checking-in, also, and I am doing fine. 🙂

        I hope, all of you are doing well, too!
        Sending much love,

  3. AnElephantCant deny it
    He is going to miss lovely Penny
    He hopes she does what she needs
    And quickly succeeds
    And that her days away are not too many

    ps oops, sorry, thought you had stopped hosting the Haibun Challenge already.
    Bad Elephant!

    • Hi Marina, not posting but still checking in. Thank you for your hugs. I love your hugs! Yes priorities … sigh, behind on a few things, actually working on a better system for getting things done (I hope)! Will be back in a little bit! 🙂 xoxoxo

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