The wars we wage …

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“The mightiest battles waged are never seen or viewed,
but experienced deep within ourselves –
each and every one of us! No exceptions!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


These are true words. For our emotional battles we need to arm ourselves with the strongest of all weapons for overcoming insecurities, fears, doubts and hate: Love, Hope and Forgiveness.

Pure love needs nothing more.

Hope lifts us up and carries us through adversity.

Forgiveness allows us to let go and move on.

Each a mighty weapon to carry in our arsenal as we journey through life’s adventures!


Much love to all – I’m still mostly offline – but it’s a troubling time for many, just wanted to share a few uplifting words this week and remind you that you are not alone – “this place” in my arms is wide enough to wrap around every single one of you! Always remember – my home is your home – always!

Take care of yourselves,

~ Penny

44 thoughts on “The wars we wage …

  1. Very true words, Penny, and lovely post! This song is also one of my favorites, absolutely love it! I’m very late in visiting here, but better late then never, as they say! Hope all is well! ♥

    • You know LuAnn, I don’t know. But I remember (While in the marketing and professional arena) being told that I seem to have the pulse of the people in mind when I write things. I do feel things intuitively. I “know” when there’s been something very large or bad going on somewhere on the planet. I won’t know what or where, but I will say to someone (Christina can attest to this through her growing up years) “Something awful is going on somewhere”. or The mood of the people isn’t good”. It’s as if I’m wired directly to the emotions of everyone. And no I don’t understand how I do this, but after a handful of years, I just quietly accept these feelings. I can focus a little bit now though, and usually can tell if it’s a local feeling or widespread. Weird, huh! 🙂

      • Not so weird really for one with such an intuitive nature as yourself. I can understand somewhat as I have had these same kind of thoughts and feelings at times throughout my life, although not on the same level as you. When I feel strongly about something or that something is going to occur, Terry will take me seriously. Many of these thoughts for me come through dreams or nightmares.

        • It’s fascinating stuff isn’t it? I’m thinking part of my interest in the science of things is related to wanting to understand how our minds can do this. I agree as with Terry listening when your serious, I think we go from a “receiving” mode to a “broadcasting” mode and others pick up on that signal too! Do I understand it, No!

          Ah, the frustration of the unknown! 🙂

  2. Absolutely we need to arm ourselves! I’ve been trying to do that of late but it’s not always easy to choose the right weapons lol…. ie the ones you mentioned. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend 🙂 I’ve been out today watching the Tour of Britain bike race so busy busy busy day 😉
    Great big Wolfie hugs back to you too 🙂

  3. Thanks for your inspirational & uplifting post.
    Also – Phillip Phillips was one of my top since American Idol auditions. It was nice to see him win.
    My girls sing that song every time it plays on the radio.
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  4. Thank you my dear friend for suprot me!Our friendship – alive is a witness over dimensionality and complexity of modern understanding of the truth about the friendship that will factor as the starter positive relationships in the world today
    I wish you all the best and thanks again to no selfish pordšci which I have in you
    With love stefan maxima

  5. With everything that has been happening this week, these thoughts of hope, love and forgiveness are definitely needed. Thank you Penny, for taking the time out of your … time … to post this.

    Hugs and love to you and all of your family my friend

    • I think right now is a troubling time for many, Michael. I’ve lived through so much diversity in my life that my view extends further than some, so if I can sooth the savage beast within us – even a little, with loving thoughts to nurture, I’m a happy camper! xx

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