An amazing opportunity – YOU!

 ALONE by Hasenonkel

Okay, so unofficially, I’m “officially” back. What this ‘playfully’ means is originally, I’d not intended to blog until completing current projects, but even as I worked towards this goal, I discovered my connections to people online have become an important part of my day’s activities. Like brushing my teeth, only more fun. Therefore I will endeavor to blog and visit (as I can) while continuing on with other projects.

There’s a saying – busy people get more things done and I do understand this – a truth actually. When we’re busy we tend to boost our “thinking and doing” power, our mind subconsciously organizes things more efficiently so we can stay “on focus” with our tasks.

Right now, as I write this, It’s early Sunday morning. I’ve had my first cup of coffee. Listened to the birds singing. It’s cooling down now, mornings and night. Autumn is here. And I love each Seasonal change!

While enjoying my hot morning beverage, I considered how lucky I’ve been to find YOU. You light up my world. You remind me (daily) what I’ve known my whole life. That we ALL – have value, are fun, special and unique, There  BUSINES MORNING CONCEPT. COFFEE CUP, NEWSPAPER AND REMINDER by Maxxyustaswill of course always be the sour apples, and the confused and misguided, but by and large, almost everyone brings a special “something” to the mix.

This makes being online, and blogging a most excellent “on-going” opportunity. To make new friends from everywhere around the planet. To make the “world” smaller, where we are all metaphoric neighbors, where we truly are a community of loving people – WHO CARE. This is an awesome opportunity, statistically speaking “we” (you and I) are in a very small percentage of the whole number of people who live on our planet.

The majority of our fellow humans cannot read or write and their living conditions may be harsh and brutal. But we “who are communicating online” are speeding up the change happening on our planet. We are doing this (each day) by blogging what we are doing, by making friends, by understanding each other better, by connecting.

All by itself – this is changing how we view each other across the globe and this in turn engenders how we feel about things. And what we share with those who do live nearby. Our context is expanded. Our knowledge and understanding more universal, our ability to look at change, a little bit easier.

Credit line: Hotblack, London UK

When a person is troubled, knowing they are not alone, can be all it takes for them to become empowered, to move forward, making a difference as they do so. Even in the smallest of ways. A ripple can become a wave after all. For the first time EVER, there is a growing world-wide community that is not exclusively bound by government mandates, localized secular and/or religious beliefs (I refer to the POWER aspect of these organizations, not the important and cohesive structures of each one – needed for us to be (somewhat) civilized.

We are meeting and sharing (thoughts, ideas, and images – some spiritual, some creative, some personal) and while we respect each other’s faith and the underlying traditions that have shaped each of our “peoples” progress forward, we’re discovering there is a sameness and commonality to our thoughts and concerns. We are becoming more balanced in our outlook!

As we connect we begin to realize (everywhere on this planet) that we are each more alike than not. And now being instantly connected and somewhat unfettered by the power of propaganda, whether it be “news media” or the powerful 3: ‘Big Business’ ‘Government’ and ‘Organized Religion’ we are getting to know each other at a fundamental and basic level. And we like what we’re learning. Without a doubt this represents for us (all humans) …

… an amazing opportunity! Isn’t it wonderful? I think so!

Have an excellent day, thank you for stopping by,

~ Penny

80 thoughts on “An amazing opportunity – YOU!

    • Hi LuAnn. You’re right. I was just thinking about my blogging experience of the past year and several months and what was happening in my daily life prior to this. It’s like there’s now an extension of family, togetherness. A place to go to alleviate some of the (pick a word) trials,worries,problems, etc. that we each encounter in our daily lives and of course add to that a place to creatively express ourselves and all of the interactive fun! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much, dear friend. I have not forgotten you, Celestine, so very behind in visits, I can’t share, but you and your family are often in my thoughts and prayers for wellness and all good things! xx

    • Hi Celestine, me again. The Poetry Foundation of Ghana is accepting entries for its annual Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets. The winner is awarded a cash prize of $1,000 (US), plus publication by both the Univ. of Nebraska Press (U.S.) and Amalion Press (Republic of Senegal). Deadline for this year is November 15, 2013! Wasn’t sure if you knew, thought I’d pass it on dear talented friend. πŸ™‚ xx

  1. Beautiful words and thoughts, Penny, and now I know you’re officially back, too! I can completely relate to blogging and sharing our writing as part of our daily routine…now, if only we could purchase a bottle of time to fill in where needed! πŸ™‚ (I may use that in a poem, lol) Anyway, glad you’re back and take care! xoxo

    • Hello Christy. Thank you so much. It’s as if – I can’t not (double negative, lol)! Seriously, we all need support as we are talented and sensitive artisans. I do as I can (a double positive)! x

  2. Beautiful passage. I’d like to agree with you on being busy gets more things done. I find my best production comes from a pile up of deadlines, perhaps it’s the challenge that is so motivating. And yes, it is also comforting to never feel lonely in this online world.

    • Hi Debby, thank you. For some this is so true, I’m that way also when it comes to deadlines. Well unless it’s a certain book – I’ve been having no end of problems finishing a book (that a publisher asked me to write – no less!) I am way late on that one. It is a great feeling to share online, again my thanks for your visit and comments, have a great tomorrow! xx

      • Happy to know you Penny. Wow, I can just imagine having deadlines with a Publisher; I am going crazy trying to keep to my own self-inflicted deadlines to keep the paper trail going from editor to revisions and back to re-edits and the deadlines are all similar because whether you self-publish or not, schedules have to be met when editors are holding places for you. I feel you! πŸ™‚

  3. Wow, Penny, thanks for correcting my view of busy life. I do feel that having online friends important ever since I begin blogging. Though now seems slower to finish reading everyone’s posts ever since I got a job

  4. I so agree with you and with all the above comments. I’m meeting people from all over the world and loving the sharing of lives and ideas and the support for each other that is so apparent. I love the way our communities overlap. That to me is a special magic. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sally, you are exactly right … a special magic indeed, my friend. How I do wish your trip was to this end of the country, sigh! Sigh, as you said perhaps next time, or I might visit there! I’d love that! πŸ™‚ xx

  5. Cara Penny,
    Tu veramente leggi oltre le righe e ci guidi con la Tua saggezza alla conoscenza di ciΓ² che ci anima come scrittori della nuova era!.
    Un cordiale saluto e
    complimenti per l’ottimo articolo!.

  6. Lovely sentiment in this post. Love it. My blog has given me so much and I hope I can give back just as much too. I started it in a dark time and now that I’m in the light, I want to help others who are in a similar position. I love the theory that we are helping others in the world by blogging. I count my blessings everyday.

    Miche x

    • Hello Miche, Thank you. I’m sure you are helping others. Your loving nature shines through your words here. I think when coming from the dark place, it is much easier to see the light and be most grateful and desirous of giving back. We are so blessed aren’t we? Have a wonderful tomorrow and days ahead! x

    • Hello my Roxi! Thank you! I’m well … sorta back! Still hop, skip, and jumping a bit to get various things done. I will be sooooo glad when I have my new schedule all figured out! πŸ™‚ xoxo

  7. Yes, we bloggers – like most professional writers and journalists years ago – keep the flames of free speech refreshed with our own passions and the blood of the oppressed. Thanks for this, Penny! Also, where was that last photo taken?

      • Hello again Alejandro. I was a little brief in my first response, my attention got diverted in real life activities, lol. I love balancing rocks, (two enjoyable things – first I find the rocks (fun) and then I balance them (artform/meditation)! This photograph captured my interest because of the numbers of balanced rocks and their grouping, so evenly balanced across the landscape. If you’re interested here’s another cool place to go for rock balancing (photos) Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

  8. It is actually amazing how you can connect through this internet/blogging, -wonderful and my world has been enriched through you my wonderful friend Penny and my other beautiful bloggers. Much love and a Sunday hug!

  9. You always say wondrous things Penny. How they take over your mind splat onto the paper (so to speak) is beyond me. When I was on my break from blogging and the internet, it struck me then how much I needed it. How much it is the only way I have to communicate with people other than family. The blogging community has become like an extended family to me.

    This post, I think, sums it all up

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