I honor and trust you! Resetting Your Online Personal Boundaries!

Hello World, I am happy to share and …

“It is my honor to trust you,
just like a child I share with you my inner being …
This makes me vulnerable. Remember my boundaries,
as I remember yours!”

– Penny L Howe, 2013

Credit line: © Skypixel | Dreamstime.com

Children remind us, through the open nature of their innocence and naivete to tread carefully on their feelings.

Since we’ve learned a few hard lessons, while growing up, about those who abuse the love and trust they’ve been given, we tend to be “tempered” and cautious about letting others in.

When connecting with others online (to have strong and safe connections), you need to set personal boundaries here, as well. Sadly, Facebook and Twitter have set very low standards of behavior. (resulting in, all too frequently, negative, rude, and insensitive written words and images, as well as invasive and intrusive behavior patterns.

There really does appear to be no control (regarding personal behavior – It has become hard to tell the children from the adults.) And if that’s not bad enough, big business has come along to take advantage of these very huge and active social online relationships, for the sole purpose of “making more money”.

Setting Personal Online Boundaries:

First Stay “grounded”. Step away from the computer, your i-phone or other communicating devices when you do not feel good about what is happening with your social interactions. If you are feeling drained and exhausted, emotionally overwhelmed – time to break away.

SecondWhen you share of yourself, do so cautiously, within a place of comfortable safety, Imagine a protective shell around you, think of that space as only allowing love and positive energy within, deflecting any thing else. And then remember to maintain your energy shield.

Third Don’t assume but do be respectful of the space of others. Remember your online friends deserve the same courtesy you want, so do respect their personal boundaries too. Be an example of a responsible online “friend”!

Fourth – With all the above in mind – be true to yourself. Be your own person. Don’t let others intimidate, or negatively influence. Find the fulcrum of balance between sharing and giving even as you keep yourself safe within your own personal online boundaries. By the way, as long as you are respectful of other’s boundaries, sharing love is just about the best thing to do … always!

Thank you for visiting me, have a great week ahead,

~ Penny

47 thoughts on “I honor and trust you! Resetting Your Online Personal Boundaries!

  1. Setting boundaries can be difficult but you are so right Penny, so very important. I have to agree with many of your commenters, Facebook is quite often difficult for me to like.

      • I continue to avoid Twitter because of time constraints. I am not familiar enough with it to know if I should venture in. Once we get beyond this phase of our lives, I will be looking at how I want to reconstruct my blog to be more of who I am, not just an RV blog. I will perhaps reconsider Twitter at that time, or not. 😉

  2. Boundaries are so important Penny. The disrespect I have come across only this morning *almost* got my blood boiling but I did as you suggest here – stepped back. Let the ignorance of others shine without myself being in the spotlight.
    I mess up (I guess, sometimes? maybe) but I won’t pounce on anyone even for their own sake. That’s what the delete button is for !

  3. For me, it’s always best to re-write again what I’ve already written especially when I don’t feel good about it — I get to re-think and edit in the process.

    I agree! Respect is a must! We have to be very considerate of what others may feel as we make connections with them.

    Another lovely post, Penny! 🙂

    • Thank you Jake! Re-writing (in many cases), is another way of viewing our written words, a very good thing to do. You’re correct, honor and respect – hugely important in all that we do! 🙂

  4. My WordPress friends have been so careful with those boundaries. Sadly Facebook has raised my blood pressure. Might I add that if you realize you have overstepped boundaries, another comment or an edit is in order.

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