Clueless when “Opportunity” knocks – Friday Fictioneers!

 Photo Credit, Copyright – Rich Voza

Copyright – Rich Voza

Flash Fiction (100 words)

The Door to Opportunity

“Sam, what are you doing?”

“Huh,” he replied, busily opening and closing each door in sight.

“I asked what you’re doing,” Irving said.

“Oh, I’m looking for opportunity,” Sam answered while continuing to open and close each door.

“I think, the metaphor means having to actually go through the door when opportunity knocks. Opening and closing doors isn’t going to achieve anything!”

“What’s a metaphor?” Sam paused to stare at Irving.

“Just a figure of speech, referring to something else to make a point – that you’re not getting.”

“Okay,” Sam replied and began to open and close doors again.


There’s a lot more effort required when opportunity knocks. It’s just giving you a heads-up. You’re still the one who needs to pursue the advantage being presented!

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I hope your weekend is going well for you, thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny

67 thoughts on “Clueless when “Opportunity” knocks – Friday Fictioneers!

  1. Love your perspective on this Penny and the lessons you weave throughout your writing. Hope you are staying dry this weekend. I have heard that the Pacific Northwest is getting hit with storms.

    • Barb, how great. Excellent to hear you’re going to give haibun writing a try! Remember to have fun, first. Enjoying the process (just like photography) is half of it! Hugs to you dear friend of mine. 🙂 xx

  2. Good story and moral. Well, could be that Sam is trying to figure out at which door he heard opportunity knocking! I go through phases where I wake up in the night having heard someone knocking. Sometimes, it’s so clear, I actually get up and check the door.

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    • Hello Doug. Sigh. You’re right of course. Still, one must care enough to try! Even and most especially when it seems futile! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I do appreciate your time!

    • Hey RoSy! I can’t imagine. I remember Clint Eastwood once commented on his being asked how it felt to be an overnight success in the movies – his opportunity knocking) His answer, “Yeah it feels great … those 15 years of doing spaghetti films (cowboy movies in Spain) where I learned my craft made my overnight success much easier, lol! 🙂 xo

  5. Love it when a metaphor goes over the heads of the clueless Penny. But there could be an argument for hedging your bets, but as we know sitting on the fence only gets you splinters and opening and closing doors in hope will eventually result in you catching your toe under the dangerous red one!!!

  6. I love metaphors. Writers all over the world are dying to find a new ‘never been used before’ one. So yeah, you’re right. If that door of opportunity knocks, write about it, and give your best! Nice one, Penny!

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