The Thing About “To Do” Lists!

Credit line Photo: © Macchia | Graphic "to-do Lists" PennyLHowe, 2013

I’ve discovered the most amazing thing.

In order for the “to-do” list to really be helpful, you have to actually “do” the things on the list! Well bummer, that!

My “to do” list tends to be – “those things that I should have already done but I keep reminding myself everyday to do, by rewriting … and adding to … them” LIST. And then I pare it back down by reviewing the list, thinking to myself “do I really have to-do this one today?”  I’ve come to the realistic conclusion that some things belong in a second “to-do” list. One called. “Okay, so I really don’t want to do these things (at all) but I’d better or something bad is going to happen” LIST!

Now, my “to-do because I want to” LIST … well that’s another story. (Actually I don’t have a “want-to” list). I seem to remember to do those things all by my little ol’ self.

And while I’m on the subject of Lists, have you noticed there are lists for everything under the sun – now. Quantum amounts of lists. You name it – there’s a list for that.

And demographically speaking, you’re probably in a whole bunch of them, you lucky you! It’s called gathering statistics and every single social media platform is a busy little bee or “spider” running around collecting data about you – sorting and organizing, distilling and going after you more aggressively because You ARE on their “to-do” list. It’s all about accumulative numbers, ratings, and percentages for business and organic “online growth” … trust me on this one. If you’re online there is no way you aren’t on one or more lists … somewhere!

So what does any of this have to do with making your daily “to-do” list and getting it done? Not a darn thing. Or maybe it does? Maybe there are too many lists accumulating everywhere (at both home and work, offline and on) and not enough “Just Do It”! (quantitative action). Maybe! Just sayin’.

Photo taken of an illustration in a 100+ year old book! I added the rest, lol! Penny L. Howe, 2013

(p.s. – Now that I think about it there are two lists I’d love to be on – “Santa’s Gift list and the best seller “book list”! LOL

Have a great day. Try not to take life so seriously, we have whole lists of people working diligently on that one – so lighten up, smile and laugh.

Hope my post helped you achieve at least a smile or two today.

Thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny

41 thoughts on “The Thing About “To Do” Lists!

  1. I am guilty of being a list maker because I like the feeling of accomplishment when I am able to strike something off the list. And, if I have done something that I have neglected to put on the list, I will add it, only to then strike it off the list. Yes, a bit crazy I am! 😉

    • How did you know I was needing a few x’s and o’s, RoSy? Clearly my neighbor is psychic along with being a great photographer and writer and all around cool person to hang with! 🙂 xo :)xo

  2. My to do list for today is : Smile, give at least one compliment, (it worked wonders yesterday) enjoy work/life, and have everybody else smiling and happy.
    Actually I feel really organised these days at work and at home and don’t need a to do list. Great isn’t it. I also have noticed at work that I cannot please everybody at the same time, (took me long, I know) so one task at a time…. it works well! and I still get everything done just with less chaos, and unfinished tasks.
    The only list I do is a shoppinglist as I can’t rely on my memory 🙂

    • You, dear friend of mine, have the perfect “to do” list. It should be everyones, Ute! 🙂 I love those organized days where things flow and everything you wanted to accomplish, actually happens. I agree re: the shopping list! 🙂 xx

  3. Yes, well, a smile is always at the top of my lists! The rest are a blur! Also whenever I do a list I fight (seriously) not to do it! I wonder why. .. Anyway, I agree with you my friend, a smile is more important than a list, always! 😉 Here’s one to you: 🙂 with xxxx !!!

    • Hi Kaycie. I love your list, okay perhaps a little more partial to the third one but very happy to see a smile on your face and some laughter, dear friend. Life is filled with easy things and hard things. Sometimes the hard things go down easier if we’re doing your numbers one and two! Thanks and thank you for your visit today my friend! xx

    • I am so glad I made you smile Maria. Good idea – no lists at all! Can’t lose what you don’t have, can’t do what you don’t remember! lol, Thank you and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  4. Can I have a “to don’t” list? Things I want the kids to do because I don’t want to? hehe. My to do list gets longer and longer. I do have days where I carve through it though. And then I let it build again while do fun stuff. Like reading or writing. Or taking photos.

    “To do or not to do … that is the question”

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