Blogging for our lives – filling creative needs and desires!

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Blogging (in it’s truest form) is three separate things rolled into one. I) A palette or template for us to create or view (feeding the creative soul). II) A method of communicating our thoughts, emotions and creative endeavors (sharing our creative souls) and III) a conduit for directly connecting with other like minded people (helping us to fill our need for uncritical companionship (mostly, lol) so we don’t feel so alone in the “life” of things.)

All forms of social media “online”, do accomplish one or more of these. However it does seems as if blogging has the ability to combine all three better than any other Internet media platform. Most especially, the “alone-ness” that all of us have (more or less).

The truth is, In spite of all the connectivity (online) – we are lonely today. Disenfranchised from many traditional connections that used to be a part of daily routines that we, our parents and their parents grew up with. And a sad true is that while the online connections ease these lonely feelings, they can also foster them.

It’s safer (emotionally) and easier to communicate from a screenCredit line: © Dario Lo Presti | (computer, iphone, etc.). The quick “Twitter and Facebook” FIX and the more leisurely blog interactions remind us we are not alone and that we can instantly share our thoughts and opinions about what others are saying and doing while we also present new thoughts and ideas continuously adding to whole “instant connectivity” of things.

The result of which is when we aren’t doing this “instant connecting” we’re lonelier. Why? Because for those brief bursts of interactions we did feel “connected” a part of a larger whole. Having a voice, making a difference, no matter how small. And that … well, it’s very important to us. To be heard. To “matter”. And so the addictive “online” personality develops within us – feeding our soul while longing for even more!

So where do we go with this? I’m thinking we need to keep blogging and being creative and sharing and interacting. We, social media active people are the next step towards a global unity … commonness of cause. In the bottom line of things, we are making a difference and … it is extending into the offline world even as we are continuing to create, connect and Credit line: © Alexmillos | Dreamstime.comvoice our concerns and needs.

We (that’s you too) are making a “huge” as in H-U-G-E difference! So my wonderful blogging friends, please feel good about your blogging and our blogging community. Keep creating and sharing and reaching out! I’m loving it and many, many others are too!

I hope you’re having a excellent weekend of things (rainy here – but I love the rain so am thoroughly enjoying the sounds of rain falling while I write this post to you! 🙂

~ Penny

30 thoughts on “Blogging for our lives – filling creative needs and desires!

  1. I have found some of my closest connections to others through blogging. It has been heartwarming to find so many other like-minded, non-judgmental individuals spanning the globe. Great post Penny. 🙂

    • Good morning, no wait it’s almost noon here. Isn’t it wonderful the richness of expression and interactions that blogging presents to us! Mostly the connecting of caring and loving souls – exactly like you LuAnn. Thank you dearest friend! 🙂 xx

        • I just caught your comment LuAnn, on my way somewhere. We’ve been having it problems here too. Frontier and Yahoo just merged (corporate thing) and we think while they connect it all up together there have been Internet interruptions, although I don’t know if that’s your problem where you are, though! Yes, having a wonderful weekend! 🙂 xx

  2. My dear favourite writer again .. Found the right words to describe blogging and making me feel good about my blogging 🙂 Thanks Penny !
    Btw ; I’m ordering your book this week 😀
    ~ Tina
    Would you please check out my new blogpost 😉 it’s about my home studio to make our song done 🙂

  3. This is a topic that I think about often. I think the blogging world can serve to meet needs and share creativity and support in wonderful ways, but I also think balance is important. I need, personally, to be aware of how much time I’m spending online in relation to how much time I spend with close friends face to face, in the real touchy feely world. To me, both are important, and need to be balanced. Just some early Sunday morning thoughts! Blessings, Harula xxxxxxxx

    • I agree, Harula. Balance is big in this family. A little bit later today I’ll be giving a few tennis lessons and spending some time down by the river with family. The children love being online or playing video games but if a friend shows up at the door, they’re up and out being physically interactive in a healthy way. Still working on the balance with offline/online activities. Early morning hours are spent in “work mode with writing and editing projects, lol! But you are so right, both are important! xxx

    • I certainly will do my best. And you are a part of the community, absolutely! keep writing (as you can) and exploring the other excellent bloggers (also as you can)! Good stuff out there! Have a great week! 🙂

  4. I love this blogging world. I can visit almost anywhere on this earth from the comfort of my home & I get to meet some awesome peeps at a price that I can afford. And – I got me a new most wonderful neighbor – BONUS!
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  5. It is like this worldwide neighborhood that we all build together. I have just hit the one year mark and am still surprised at the kindness and openness. Everyone wants everyone else to succeed as it makes it better for all of us. I did not expect to find that.

  6. I enjoy listening to the rain too, very relaxing 🙂
    Here it has been a very hot September day so
    everyone has been out in their ‘T’ shirts and the
    like, no shorts for me though 🙂 lol

    Have a superb rest of Saturday Penny 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  7. Hi Penny, my blog has proved to be a great way for me in this past week to write about my father, Friday was the first anniversary of his death and I have a lot of blog space this week writing about him as I find that has been a good way for me to deal with a lot of emotion. Friday was his date, I wrote a long piece for myself mainly, shared it with a friend but it helped me get through the day.
    I have some set ideas about social media, I’m fairly private, so I don’t use it very often, blogging is about as ‘social media’ as I get.

    • Journaling of the best kind, Michael. A very healthy release, as we think on things as we write and then reread our words. Sharing is too because then you and I know we’re not alone with our feelings as others relate also. all good and positive things. I’m still figuring social media out, although I now have somewhat of a baseline of understanding (the good, the bad and the ugly). Blogging is the most beneficial for positive interactions IMO!!! 🙂 xx

  8. Perfect. I knew there was a reason I liked to blog. Seriously, it is one of the few ways that I can connect with my friends and show off my new photos, poetry and flash fiction with like minded people, and it is also great to read the same back. Another great inspirational post. Thanks Penny.

  9. Nice post! I like to think of this as choosing to create community – taking charge of our needs and feelings and future, and then sharing with others. Maybe they will join our community. Maybe they won’t. But those that do become special to me – thanks for sharing 🙂

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