Family, Friends and others that are important.

Marsh Warbler Family

Marsh Warbler Family


Those that matter – that would be all of us!

Those we think about the most – those nearest and dearest to us.

Those we miss – the one’s no longer here for us to love and cherish (but we do have our wonderful memories, no one can take those away).

Those that matter – every single one of us.

Those that do make a difference – there are more than you might think.

Those that really care – many, many more than you might think.

Those that we love and acknowledge as important and special in our lives – our family, our friends, people making a difference – YOU!

Why does this matter –  because we need each other, all of us, every day. To fill in the missing pieces, shore up the weak areas, support, laugh with, share, guide, be there. To make that needed difference, to encourage, to applaud, to be there in those moments. You know when.

And so, on this, my Thursday morning, I thank you – you are one of the important people in my life and … you matter to ME!

Have a great rest of your week and enjoy the weekend ahead. Stay cool, hang out, chill, create! Do-do that voodoo that you do so well – all my wonderful loving and caring friends!

– Penny


27 thoughts on “Family, Friends and others that are important.

  1. To true…I will make a point of telling people how awesome they are…it always takes your wise words to remind me what is important in life…complacency would be my middle name if you weren’t around.

  2. Hello Penny;

    You are so right here.. Sometimes we forget that we are all together in this wide (and wild) world…

    But after all, each one of us is a single unique piece of the puzzle, don´t you think???…

    Thanks for spreading all these good vibes around;

    Cheers and nice to connect with you;

    Aquileana 🙂


  3. Lovely Penny, understanding our own importance and valuing that in the eyes of others is to appreciate ourselves and how much those around us love and care for us.

  4. Happy Sunday Penny! woo woo woo!

    And ya know, everyone that touches our lives matters. It’s just that sometimes we don’t get the message. That’s why they keep showing up over and over again in different form.

  5. Blazing saddles … love that film.

    I could not agree more Penny. Each of us matters to others. Each of us need others.

    Have yourself a great Sunday Penny

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