Your Creative World … and beyond!

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… How full is it?

Good morning, my Monday morning. (Your Monday morning, midday, afternoon, evening or Tuesday depending on your location on our planet.) So what are you up to in your today of things? What’s your creativity quotient?

How many wonderful words will you write today? How many photographs creating potterywill you take? How much creativity will come forth from your mind as you convert personal thoughts, feelings and ideas into the beautiful rhythm of life – inventing creative patterns in a myriad of expressive ways; words, photographs, paintings, crafts, music, electronics, numbers, actions.

It’s all up there inside of you. Just waiting for that signal in your mind … that catalyst … that “something” that fills you with so much energy and desire, you just can’t help yourself with the need to creatively express.

And before you decide it’s not going to happen today, think again! Why not? You’re talented, capable, gifted (You are too – I heard that!). Take a good look around. View things from the eyes of an artist (you). What do you want to do with what you’re seeing? Your vistas, your imaginations, your creations … yours.

Yes, turn on your muse. It’s the on and off switch located in your brainhelping hand creating right next to the other wants and desires switches. It’s the biggest one! Turn it on! You know you want to.

Create today … or help someone else create … either way your muse will thank you!

Have a great week of weeks everyone, remember to enjoy each day your living in, in fact, make the most of it. Yours to do so!

– Penny

27 thoughts on “Your Creative World … and beyond!

    • Yay “weapon of choice”! I am glad you were able to stay in control, I think that’s half of it with migraines, RoSy. If we can get in there before it really catches hold! Stay strong and vigilant my warrior! 🙂 xo

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  2. Thats really funny as my day started off really miserable messed up..later had to fetch some car papers and stopped off at a friend to fetch my carpet cleaner were i got to enjoy a coffee in the presence of her wonderful was there my creativity hit photos of amazing flowers..
    thx for helping me remember there is a difference!
    xoxo lisa

  3. I love this 🙂 Today I made a blog post (it had been a long time since I chose to do that!) and am also working on two songs, one of which is quite challenging for me vocally and music-wise, which is so fun! I’m so proud of my muses today 🙂

  4. My Monday has already been terribly busy , but now I am going to my tap dance lesson and let myself go in the music and rhythm, my wya of relaxing on a Monday! It makes my Monday finish perfectly.:-)

  5. Thank you for this encouraging post, Penny!

    My main activity regarding creativity, today: Allowing.
    Sometimes (in my experience) it is good to just stop and allow everything to fall at its place. Today was such a time for me. 😉

    Wishing you a beautiful week filled with creativity and its expressions! 😀

    Much love to you and your family,

    • Hi Steffi, this is Jack,
      G.P. mentioned you were here today so I wanted say “HI”! I’m working hard on stop motion films for when I have my own blog. Will you follow me when it’s ready? Have a nice day, your friend Jack! 🙂

      • Hi Jack!

        Thank you so much for writing to me!
        Of course I will follow your blog when it is ready!! Actually, I am totally looking forward to it. 😀
        So, you are working on stop motion films… that sounds fabulous!

        A warm and heartfelt “Hi” back to you – have a nice evening my friend! (Or is it still afternoon where you live?)

        Much love,

  6. How very motivating, I have just this minute switched on my biggest switch. Thank you Penny, I needed that. Being a new blogger, I started my second blog and just could not finish it, my big switch had defiantly been switched off.

  7. I was just grabbing my writing program out to do a couple of fiction pieces. Definitely a large switch there. It’s been getting bigger over the last 12 months as well 🙂 Thanks Penny

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