I’m just one American – A letter to the President of our great country, USA!

“Dear Mr. President Obama,

This is Penny, yes one of your constituents. I’m having a problem right now, along with most of us other 300 million citizens.

I’m just one American out here in Washington state … but I’m worried. I’m hoping you can help me understand what’s going on.

As I was taught (in school) about the governing process (in our democratic country), our wise founding fathers ย set up a counter system of checks and balances to make sure that each branch could (if needs be) check the actions of others. This was done to insure that no part of the government had too much power.

And as I understand it, each of our elected representative’s main job is …

DEFINITION OF Elected Representatives (Senators, Congressmen): Those individuals voted to REPRESENT their local constituents (me and others)

… to help (the duly elected (voted for) TWICE President of the U.S.A. – that’s you) GOVERN our country.

“So WHY, Mr. President is one tiny group of Elected Representatives (see definition up above) in fact one person in particular … holding our Government and the people of the Great United States of America hostage?

Usurping his own elected position by carrying out his own private agenda at the wishes of a very few other people. And doing this at the expense of the American people – BY STOPPING THE GOVERNING PROCESS ITSELF!

Please, answer me. I need an answer. More to the point, I need you the chosen leader of this country to figure out what to do! Soon!”

Thank you,
Very troubled in Washington,
Penny L Howe

(Just Penny’s “two cents” worth here)

… and yes I am fully cognizant and aware (politically) of what’s ‘actually’ going on, how it happened, and why. I am being focused with my letter to the President to create (hopefully) a stronger message! I love my country and fellow Americans (all of you) very much, Thanks, Penny

39 thoughts on “I’m just one American – A letter to the President of our great country, USA!

  1. Very well spoken Penny. It seems that it is solely about power and someone needs to blink during this standoff but each side is determined it will not be them. I don’t believe that firing them all is the answer because we will most likely elect more of the same. It is incumbent upon us as citizens of this great country, as much as the power-hungry in DC, to understand what is truly at stake here. We must take responsibility for understanding more of the political process and playing an active role instead of living by media soundbites.

      • I think we are all guilty at times of finger pointing but I do try to educate myself as often as I can. Don’t know if you saw the Jimmy Kimmel piece where he had someone go out and ask the general public which they preferred, Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act. So few knew they were one and the same, just knew they did not like Obamacare. We should be careful to criticize the issues when we know nothing or very little about them, but we have become a somewhat lazy society, letting the media educate us with their soundbites. Very sad.

        • I know. The American public depends on the government in so many ways, but as you say have gotten lazy and don’t take the time to really understand what is happening or why. Of course, there will be an endgame, if we the people, don’t wake up! There will! And we won’t be the winners either! Yes, very sad!

  2. I guess they are doing what they are doing because certain Americans elected them to protect certain interests and values and that’s just what they are doing. I suggest you look up the concept of Jeffersonian Democracy (such as we have here in the US) on Wikipedia and see if you can suggest a better alternative.

    • No it’s not perfect (our American government) because we’re all human, each guided by a different set of concerns (and money does talk, loud and clear in a democratic/capitalistic country) but our democracy is still better than any other form of government on this planet. Politics is a power game (between those with varying self interests) that people play during the process of governing a free country. And I’m sure that this part of our government will never change it will just depend on who’s holding the best hand in the moment!)

  3. Vote them all out, never vote for them again. It’s hard in some areas I understand but we need to give him and who ever comes after him a majority.
    What’s happening now is Ridiculous, and Shameful.

    • It is irritating, at the least, but I do believe we (the people) will weather this storm and move forward from this debacle. Actually I have great expectations that this will happen. I guess I have hope, Alejandro and I do believe in our people in this country, even those misguided ones, my friend! xx

    • Be my guest Rae. You may take this sketch with you! I am proud of my flag and the country for which it stands, even when we mess up. We’re still cool and we’ll work it out, we’re Americans we don’t ever give up! All my best to you, Penny xxx

  4. Very good…especially since I am one of the lucky DoD people working and have no idea when I will get paid. I don’t think I can pay bills with IOU’s like the government.

    • Thank you Kev. I’m guessing you might say I passionately care and love my country and our people, so I voice my concerns! Again thank you for taking the time to read and comment, very much appreciated by me! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you, and no you’re not Jackie, and better yet, we are all Americans, ever when we don’t agree with some of the other’s opinions. It’s working this part out that gets things so sticky, in this country, isn’t it! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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