My Imagination is alive and well – How’s yours doing?

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Whimsical Musing

The most important thing I possess, at the moment is a cognizant mind (as far as I know, lol)!

The second most important thing I possess is an imagination. A great big healthy one. So my cognizant mind along with my imagination allows me an infinite reach of potentials and possibilities. Unlimited, as it were.

Solutions and fascinating discoveries occur while I’m busy problem solving, or solution finding, or trouble shooting or (you get my point). It’s actually better than reverse engineering, where you start at the ending to figure out the beginning (love that one)! In my case I move from what I know to what I think might be. (Did I mention unlimited possibilities – I think I did!)

And, lest I forget to mention, having both a cognizant and imaginative mind, I can create at the drop of a hat, anywhere, anytime. Ideas fall like raindrops, if I could collect all of the ideas I’ve thought of in my mind, it would truly be the dawning of a new era. But my mind is also restless, sigh. So it moves quickly on to the next aware and imaginative musing.

Still, that’s okay. I’m content with the duality of my ability to perceive and imagine. It works for me. So how about you? Hows your imagination doing?

Have a great and imaginative day!

~ Penny

33 thoughts on “My Imagination is alive and well – How’s yours doing?

  1. so good! In overdrive so often, it’s actually just another gear. My ideas fall like rain as well, so I try to always have a notepad nearby. I have been known to pick up rubbish when out walking to write on…hehe…you do what ya gotta!! I pretend to tie my shoe, grab the scrap of rubbish, and write my own garbage thereon.

    Can you picture this?? Pretty funny…:)

  2. Hello Penny…

    Having an imaginative mind is such a blessing…. I am glad to hear that “Ideas fall like raindrops off your mind”, my dear!

    Imagination leads to artistic creation and help us to feel we are flowing like a river. No pushes here, just being… Just creating and discovering ourselves and those who surround us in the meanwhile.

    I wish you a great weekend ahead, (have fun!)

    Cheers, Aquileana 🙂


  3. Actually I have a very inventive mind so anything
    and everything can be thought of, usually a tad wicked
    or naughty but still interesting, I hope? 🙂

    Have a thought provoking and creative
    weekend Penny and be good whils doing
    it, like me 😉 lol

    Andro xxxx

  4. Hi Penny – I started here and then had a idea that I wanted to share with you (It came up on my FB timeline this am) but can you believe it – 45 minutes later due to distractions of other posts and videos and photos and stories, who’s trending and why – I can’t find the darn thing. I only just ‘liked’ the page yesterday and now it has disappeared into thin air.
    The point that I was searching for was that it has been scientifically proven that artists produce their best work, and ease of inspiration when they are tired. There were so other fascinating points – I hope I find the article one day.
    Have a good one. I am off to be a bit more productive. 🙂 since I am tired. (gee wonder why?)

  5. I love the imagination. The things you can do with it are … I don’t want to say unlimited because you said that. Astronomical. Eternal. Infinite. Universal. I love the imagination. I like mine as it takes me to different planets, different dimensions, different eras. Monsters, vampires, magic, back in time, forward in time. I love it.

    Have a great weekend Penny. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us

      • Thanks Penny, I plan to 🙂 Since it was unleashed properly last year (it had been ten years ago and then harnessed again) the things that go on inside my grey cells are fantastical and .. well .. putting them on paper is what is causing the challenge lol

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