Fantasies of Autumn – Haibun!

There is a place, hidden from everyday view, my mind wanders there frequently – The “Other Place” – where reality lies suspended. A retreat into the world of pure Imagination. A calm from the storm and a safe haven. Both balm and catalyst to those of creative natures. I’ll introduce you more fully to my Other Place later on, but for today, a brief glimpse:

autumn sprite

Autumn Fantasy

vibrant and rich
yellow, red, orange, tan, brown

… Autumns arrival.

Fall fairies abound, pixies, brownies and the like, woodland creatures. Seasonal changes find them everywhere painting our landscape with colors of autumn. My favorite creature is the “Sprite of Leaves”. Gloriously fluid, she performs her acrobatic dance in whirl winds. Spiraling leaps with twists and turns as she glides across the land. She is glorious isn’t she?

leafy sprite dancing
vibrant colorful myriad
autumn sensations

Thank you,

~ Penny


36 thoughts on “Fantasies of Autumn – Haibun!

  1. Penny that was so beautiful and fitting, autumn is my favourite time of year! I have left this site, please come visit! 🙂 Although, WP has locked me out and we are trying to get a redirect on my page, thus, any comments sent to there, I cannot respond to 😦

  2. She is glorious! I was told once that I had the ability to see pixies in my garden if I sat very quietly. Not sure I ever saw them but it was delightful to think they were there. This is enchanting Penny. Thanks! 🙂

    • New England is incredibly beautiful in the fall, Sally! I am so pleased you get to be vacationing there at this time of year, my friend. It is truly awesome to view the many colors of Autumn spreading out further than the eyes can see! 🙂 xx

      • actually they are talking about it being 40c tomorrow which is unusual but does happen. Here the seasons sort of meld into each other, usually this time of year is beautiful which it has been the past week or two but we do get some very hot days, like tommow is promising.

  3. Hello Penny;

    These two haibun are beautiful (please correct me if it is just one haibun)…
    Love the drawing and the poetic images you have chosen… The colorful myriad of your verses perfectly matches with the Fall atmosphere…

    So; bottom line: Well done 😉 my friend,

    Aquileana 🙂

    >Twitter brought me here:

    Fantasies of Autumn – Haibun! vía @pennycoho— aquileana (@aquileana) October 6, 2013

    • Hello Aquileana, thank you so much. Bottom line, you are a keeper! And a sweetheart too! 🙂 One haibun consisting of a haiku at the beginning, prose in the middle, and a haiku at the end! 🙂 xx

    • Hi RoSy, thanks! I’ve been away too long from my sketch pad. I’ll try not to disappoint with my other imaginative renders and words! 🙂 xo, this one’s for the LOVE 🙂 xo!

  4. I love the haibun and art. Wonderful. Autumn is my favorite time of year (and my daughters name). The second haiku is so charming.

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