Ligo Haibun Challenge – Torturous Love!

One of the two word prompts for this week’s Ligo Haibun (writing) Challenge is – torture! I don’t believe anyone can think about that word without coming up with sad, painful and scary feelings. I chose the broken heart from a shattered love relationship.

My offering:

Credit line: © Antaratma Microstock Images © Elena Ray |

I Suppose

Lying midst scattered remnants of reality, I do not care to move, curled up in a fetal position, hugging knees tightly to my chest. The position, an instinctive leftover memory of safeness, I suppose. Am I fragile? I suppose so. Does a butterfly have wings that can be pulled off? Yes, I suppose this is true also.

The pain is overwhelming, you know. I don’t suppose you care. But if you did … if you did, the sweet sorrow from the tortuous pain you left me in, would be your undoing … or maybe not, I suppose.

my tortured soul
from rapture to exquisite pain
lies comotose


Do remember, this is a work of fiction everyone, I couldn’t be further from that state of existence if I tried. My days right now are full up with tennis (giving lessons), writing and drawing, enjoying family (baking) and the Autumn of things, and, of course, being online creating and inspiring others, along with you!  

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~ Penny

16 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge – Torturous Love!

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  3. Yes, I have no idea what was up with that. I’ve been tweaking it for quite awhile, I finally posted something else to see what would happen, Too weird. Hopefully all is well now! Thank you Alastair. That was my goal with this haibun, much appreciate your words here! 🙂 xx

  4. Love this line “The position, an instinctive leftover memory of safeness, I suppose.” and such painful emotion in the haiku. Also…glad it is fiction 🙂 Although, I can still relate to many of the feelings in it at one time.

    • Hi Anja. Thanks. Yes, I’m in a very happy place, but I’ve been there (and as you know) those feelings do go away (eventually) but we don’t ever forget how we felt, during that time period! Thanks so much! 🙂 xx

  5. Yay Finally it works. This kept coming up as not found.

    This is a great piece (of fiction). You have really struck the chord of pain that she feels.

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