Our Matrix, which pill (blue or red) and baked cookies!

How many of you have seen the movie “The Matrix“? If you haven’t, much of what I’m suggesting might be lost in translation but here goes anyway!

In the movie, most of the people live in ‘the world of now’ that has actually been created by a computer program (The Matrix). In the matrix everyone goes about their daily lives believing that everything they do is real!

When Neo (the protagonist, hero) is asked to chose between taking a symbolic red or blue pill, each pill has a purpose that will allow his mind to either see the falsehood of the matrix world (blue pill) or make him forget that the world he is living in isn’t the real one (red pill).

To confuse the issue even more, he is told he may be the “chosen” to lead humans out of this Matrix world they are trapped on. But how can he know this? In fact he finds it hard to believe. So he meets “The Oracle”, a highly intelligent psychic resembling a sweet middle aged lady who “knows” things and who loves to bake cookies.

Today I’m baking cookies (like the Oracle) sugar cookies in the shape of autumn leaves and we’ll be painting them with colored confectioners icing after they finish baking. Fall colors of course.

And what does baking cookies have to do with red and blue pills and the movie The Matrix? Pretty much everything. Because we are living in a fantasy. I mean honestly, is it realistic to gorge ourselves on fast food and pre-prepared food to the tune that we have become an obese nation with many illnesses as a result.

Is it realistic to live in a country where while we argue about the reopening of the government and the reasons why we need to continue government business as usual, we are still so many trillions of dollars in debt that it boggles the mind.

And is it reasonable for people to get up (except for those in the starving countries – many – although in the matrix of our lives they don’t exist except as intruding sound/video bytes of information that get quickly moved aside for something more interesting that’s – trending) and go through each day, knowing things are not really okay but just keep going anyway – by tuning in (electronically) and tuning out what they don’t want to hear or know about! Yes definitely the Matrix at work here.

Time to take a pill my friends. The red one – oblivious continuation of ignoring what we are doing to ourselves and others, living in a fantasy world of unrealistic expectations. Or the blue pill, accepting responsibility and changing your life style to begin the long road of fixing things.

As for me. Well I’m going to go back to baking more cookies. After all it’s what I do best, apart from reminding you of all the important things in life, like each other, and that I truly believe in you. Still not sure about things? Well,Β for right now, take a cookie, I promise, in a little while you’ll feel “right as rain”!


35 thoughts on “Our Matrix, which pill (blue or red) and baked cookies!

  1. Cookies are good! Have we considered perhaps a pink pill? Make the world go away and be happy? Just an idea, til then I guess it’s the blue pill. πŸ™‚

  2. I tried watching this movie a few times & each time I fell asleep within the first 20 minutes. I will have to give it another chance some day. Maybe next time – earlier in the day too.
    I take a blue pill for my migraines. I should try the red pill & just forget about the pain. Ah – if only it were that easy.
    Cookies please…
    xo πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xo

  3. Over coffee this morning Terry and I touched on this very subject, well not the movie “The Matrix” (wonderful by the way), but of a society of excess, wanting to blame, closing our hearts and minds to those suffering around us and across the world. It is difficult to not get discouraged at times but I still believe we each have our part to play in making this world a better place for everyone, so I continue to take the blue pill as I have found the red pill much too difficult to swallow.

  4. Hee hee!
    I must have taken the blue one with breast milk, already…
    Does it suck, sometimes, to know all these things? – Oh god, yes!
    Do I regret it? – Not at all!
    And when it sucks to bad, there are still the cookies!

    Thank you for another great post, Penny!
    Much love,

  5. Yay free cookies! I think to a certain extent the idea of even conceiving – and I mean actually conceiving as opposed to just looking at it – of the plight of other people can be tough and especially with all the bad and hypocritical things in the world is a huge thing,

    The scale of it all is enough to drive people a bit crazy but you are right, we have to recognise and start to turn things around, if we all started with the things we ourselves could influence and let the politicians do that internationally…then it could be done. You certainly have me fired up. xx

  6. Heh I suppose you do have the resemblance to The Oracle with your inspiration and your posts.

    A great many of us would rather just take the red pill and carry on with our lives and ignore the fact that something else is there. It’s easy to say that we will take the blue pill and accept that can make a difference, but would we really do that? Would we … do we … have the courage to make such a drastic change?

  7. Mmmmm cookies! Peanut butter cookies rolled in sugar and then flattened to make them nice and crisp when cooked.
    Watching the news here in Australia, one financial editor, in trying to “dumb it down” for us, likened the US debt crisis to a husband and wife arguing about raising their credit card limit when they can’t even afford to pay their current debts. One despairs over the thinking process of governments at times (okay most of the time).

    • Okay, actually, one despairs over the thinking process of governments (all the time) sorry just had to add that Lyn. I’m thinking your editor did a good job with his explanation of the current situation! And I love peanut butter cookies too! Some things are pure and good aren’t they, lol! πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you for your cookie. I saw thew Matrix and the follow ups but never understood it, it is not a film I really enjoy , to far away from my understanding. Still I see the important things in life, love, understanding, , and also your cookies! πŸ™‚ Much love !

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