Confucius, Playing Pool … and Other Government Issues!

(Disclaimer, well not really – I am an American, privately I think some of the things that the Republicans are concerned with are valid, I also think that some of the things that the Democrats are concerned with are valid and I go along with some of the concerns of the Independents. But I am speaking here today as just one American to other Americans!)

In the wake of the last couple of weeks (governmentally speaking) Confucius came to mind as I watched the government “close” and then “open” the way you might see a sign on a store. Yesterday we were closed for business, today we are open, tomorrow (a few months) – the sign may say closed again!

As if it were no big thing. If you don’t consider the damage done to our economy in the last few weeks of “closure” approximating 24 billion dollars (but more to come because now consumers are shaky and not in a buying mood, and businesses not in a hiring mood), no big thing; if you don’t consider the damage done to thousands of people affected by the “closure” to their homes and families, if you don’t consider our military who have and are bravely serving our country, hurt by this temporary closure, if you don’t consider the damage done to our country’s fiscal reputation as a leader in the world, if your don’t consider … I could go on for quite a while but you get the point so here is something you might consider …

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Confucius and a few of his well-known quotes about people and life:

The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.

It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.

He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.

and he also said

“In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.”


This country should be ashamed of not providing for our poor … and sadly, there are more than a few involved in the governing process who should be ashamed of the wealth they have accumulated and the wealthy they work “on behalf of” … at the expense of the poor and the hard working middle class!

And I refer to all the party members, especially those who come in with a private and personal agenda, related to power and money (greed); be they – Democrats – Republicans – Independents or other, consisting of every race, creed and religious belief. Absolute power does corrupt absolutely. And so does money! In fact in this country money speaks louder than anything!

It is a truth or should be understood that no country survives when it is at the expense and well-being of other humans. As in never! History proves this out. Why haven’t we learned this yet?

My recommendations to my fellow Americans: Contact NOW your congressional leaders and members who the majority of you – “voted” for (If you didn’t vote, then “by absentia” you may well have voted for the person you didn’t want in office). And when you email or call, or snail mail to your legislative leaders … say “NO to more closures.  In the next few elections vote in more minorities, because the amazing truth here in this country is – the “minorities” are in the majority! So shouldn’t we have representatives that actually represent us? Do the math!

Vote in those qualified, who will not only represent you (their constituents – which by law they are sworn to represent) but who also have the strength of character to stand up and represent you, not waffle and sit on the sidelines. Regardless of party, there comes a point when you’re not just a Republican, Democrat or affiliated to some other group who “believes a certain way” you are AN AMERICAN! So start doing your job to strongly remind your elected representatives and Senators what they SHOULD BE DOING – THEIR JOB! Keeping our country free!

My reference to the game of “Pool (Billiard)” in the title is an obvious one:

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“When playing the game, you may have the cue
but you still can’t play the game with no balls!”
~ Penny L Howe, 2013

If our budgetary concerns don’t get resolved (at least in a direction where all political parties are working together for a resolution) – then the ones who haven’t been doing their job is YOU!

Penny L Howe

23 thoughts on “Confucius, Playing Pool … and Other Government Issues!

    • Hi Yoshiko! Thank you. I hope all is going well with you. I haven’t been online very much these past several months but do think about and wish well my most excellent online friends, of which you are one! xx

      • Thanks a lot, Penny, for your well wish. I have been having migraine and hoping to get well.Your bright smile warm my hearts whenever I read your articles and poetry 🙂

  1. I must agree with an Elephant, this is one of the most powerful pieces you have written. I love the last Confucius quote but particularly yours making a comparison to the game of pool 😉 I have often wondered, if we stripped away the labels, i.e. Democrat, Republican, and just focused on what we truly believed in our hearts, how different this world might look.

    • So true, LuAnn and 3 more simple things could change the economy of this country. Getting rid of the duplication that occurs in all goverment function at all levels -including tort reform – (streamlining the system). Focus on the well being of the people (part of which is a balanced budget, the two are not separate subjects, the health of one insures the health of the other) and three and most obvious. Focus on the positive not the negative! Those three things would do it, my dear friend, and yes I do have very strong views on what is currently an intolerable situation! Okay getting off the soapbox now! Sorry about that! 🙂

  2. AnElephantCant comment on the internal affairs of another country.
    But he admires and fully endorses your thoughts and your words.
    As powerful a piece as you have ever written, my sweet Penny.

    • Thank you, very much!. I believe when people grow up in a “free society” they, too often, don’t realize what they have and tend to take it for granted -until it’s gone! Nor do they full appreciate the role they play in the process of same! xo

  3. As one that was feeling the “work but you’re not getting paid until this is resolved” part of it all….this was the 2nd round of furlough I had to face. First one I went 4 days with no pay (and will not be retroactive) and this time I became essential immediately but who knows when I was getting paid. Now I look ahead to 4 more months and wonder, will I have to deal with this all again?
    NC was the first (maybe only) state to cut welfare and WIC benefits as the government shut down. I was so disappointed. I don’t see this as only a Republican or Democrat issue…but all our elected officials let us down. What typically happens, when it is time for elections, people will quickly forget what they put us through. Also you have those that scream to get rid of everyone, but like their own officials so they stay.
    That being said…I absolutely love my country. I have traveled many places…and seen wonderful places…but still see the great things we have here. Would be better if we could rearrange a lot of people making decisions and get back on track. 🙂

    • Hi Anja, well I’m am glad you’re back (for the time being) among the getting paid employees. I do like your thoughts about rearranging a lot of the decision making people, and I might add that a few more should began voicing their opinions and then backing them up with actions, so we might begin to see some real strength in our Congress. The merging of ideas, discussions on disagreements, and actually participating in the democratic process! That’s what we all need to see right now!

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    • You know RoSy, sometimes it is what it is! And good for you for chuckling … it was supposed to produce an effect in a slightly subtle manner! Glad it worked dear friend and neighbor of mine! 🙂 xo

  5. This wonderful, beautiful, free (for now) country WON’T survive if our elected representatives continue spending money they don’t have. CAN”T continue borrowing money! One day the countries we are borrowing from will stop lending and demand payment. What then?

    Budget needs to be balanced, focus needs to be placed on getting our economy moving again and on the creation of jobs. Full-time jobs!

    Doing so will benefit all Americans.

    • Hi Sheila, thanks for your comments. So true. I wish more Americans would spend a little more time on learning about those they vote as their representatives, because it seems like right now, Those that have been voted in aren’t getting a lot done! The focus needs to be as you said about getting our economy moving again, job creation and balancing the budget, but we’d better have a functioning (working together) government if we want those goals accomplished! Thanks friend for your wise comments! Much appreciated!

  6. I bet if they had to spend the “closure” time with no money like the little people, then things would be different. Why didn’t they say “we are closing so many people won’t get paid, but we have enough. We’ll cover your bills until we reopen” That wouldn’t work though as it would mean that they would go without, and they couldn’t have that.

    As an outsider so to speak, and what we have watched over the last couple of weeks, the US government has acted deplorably. Throwing their toys out of their pram because they can’t get their own way. I just hope for the sake of America and the rest of the world that this won’t happen again.

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