I lay me down

By mxruben

I lay me down

look up at skies

no end in view

before my eyes.


Just perfect blue

or so it seems

my lying here

with just my dreams.


Worries gone

they’ve disappeared

There’s only now

without the fears.


If I might wish

and make it so

my peaceful state

to grow and grow.


Then I will rise

renewed ’til when

I lay me down

and dream again.

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


A most happy weekend everyone,

~ Penny

40 thoughts on “I lay me down

      • Oh – that would be nice!
        Went to Fright Fest at Six Flags last weekend & planning to leave in a few minutes for another haunted adventure this evening. Tonight – we’re headed to a historical place in the area for a haunted tour & whatever else they have going on there. I guess we’ll find out. This will be our first time ever going there.
        xo 🙂 🙂 xo

  1. Hello Penny…

    Just to begin: happy friday… 😉

    I love your poem… very well written

    I enjoyed the title; the circular structure and felt quite overwhelmed by the infinite presence of that cozy blue sky above you…

    Keep looking up because the essential answers rest in heaven (an maybe also the main questions)…

    Hugs to you my friend…

    Aquileana 🙂


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