What do we do next? We bloggers, We artists, We people …

In the digital world of today … how do we not just survive but thrive?

Credit line: © Ale1969 | Dreamstime.com

It’s Tuesday, so what do we know today? We know we have things we have to do – And we know we have things we want to do – We know there is some information we want or need to know more about – and far more information that we don’t have a clue about (what-so-ever, except it’s messing us up a lot) because it’s too much to deal with (emotionally speaking). And “way” too much of the information is negative, isn’t it (TMI- Right?) But, there you go, the above sums things up nicely, I believe.

So what do we do next?

First, understand the nature of the online world; behind the scenes what is going on. Here’s the truth – Many (almost all) corporate/government entities are “crowd sourcing” (gathering information) to create digital profiles. In a nutshell finding out all about you. You’ve made it possible. You’re one of the hundreds of millions online exposing yourself through many little data bytes circulating the airwaves.

And the “Big Boys” of the planet want to know all about you either as a consumer (to potentially buy their product) or as a citizen of their country (How you feel about your country, the issues, your concerns the politicians, etc. Research that will help them raise money and/or potentially influence you to get your vote OR making sure you aren’t doing something subversive, detrimental to your country’s well being.)

Like it or not that is what’s going on, right now. Data collecting of a volume inconceivable for most of us to imagine and each entity (depending on the quality of their “industry cloud capability”) is efficiently organizing the data into a variety of profiles for current or future reference. Is it the big brother era? Well sort of. But we’ve made ourselves willing partners in this intrusive aspect of the online experience, whether we know it or not!

Meanwhile you’re busy doing your own gathering of information, gathering as a citizen and a consumer yourself. So how do you handle all of this information and your awareness of everyone else’s information gathering.

Short of something really bad happening (meteor strike, large solar flare, etc.) all this data is going to continue to be gathered (and much of it circulated). Just a fact and there will be lots of “talk” because that’s what talk shows (in all media – News programs, etc.) do – and much of it is negative because “viewership” (that’s you) goes up when they (talk show hosts and their “expert” guests) talk about ‘what’s wrong’.

So the talk shows are going to talk about all sorts of never-ending stuff that will complicate you life and view of things (if you listen too much) even more. But let’s forget that for right now and get back to you and where you are.

Woman News  Credit line):  © Bowie15 | Dreamstime.com

Turn your computer off and think about your goals, needs, wants and desires. Consider how you might achieve them. View online connections as “how” they may help you. Be specific here. Everyone is giving “advice”, suggestions and in many cases “selling something”. So your main focus should be why you’re on line.

  1. To be Entertained
  2. To Find out information on a subject
  3. To Buy something
  4. To Sell something
  5. Socially connect with other people
  6. Promote Yourselves (through various social networks)
  7. Use any combination of the first six reasons you’re online to assist you in accomplishing your own goals

So where you go next is to make a plan of action to more effectively use your connectivity. Arrange the above reasons and allot a time period (yes – a little discipline is required here).

  • If you’re a student researching – stick to getting the info. before you “game play” or check out the latest trending YouTube video.
  • If you’re an artist, search for “like minded” creative individuals who will help you nourish your creative goals.
  • If you’re selling something, learn about your perspective customers. And how to reach them (online and off).
  • if you’re a professional in an industry and are job searching, focus on those companies and their background so you’re well informed about the company and their goals before you submit a resume! And yes they will be using the internet to check “you out” this process can take many months – so be prepared for this one.
  • If you’re buying something (take the extra time to check out the source before your purchase – be a smart consumer.)
  • If you want to be entertained – go for it, there’s all sorts of fascinating things waiting to be viewed/listened to – out there.
  • and if you just want to “hang”, be social with others, start a blog, join Facebook, learn how to Tweet or find a social media platform that fills this need.

But don’t forget your offline world. Organize your time so your online time has a sense to it with very specific timelines.

Credit line : © Nihonjapan | Dreamstime.com

The most important thing to do with your online world of connectivity is to stay in command of both the offline and online you. You need to stay in control of the amount of “data” your mind allows entry to. Integrate this brave new world of communication so it works for you on your adventures through life … not against you!

Have a great day,

~ Penny

33 thoughts on “What do we do next? We bloggers, We artists, We people …

  1. For me this has always been the difficult part, balancing when there are blog posts to be read. My internet connectivity as of late seems to be making my decision for me. This was an excellent post Penny and a great reminder to not neglect the world away from our computers.

    • I hear you. We’ve had 3 “new” routers and we still have to reboot 5 or 6 times a day, very frustrating! Having said that with our guest it is busier here, but definitely in a very fun way LuAnn, Hope all is going well for you! I absolutely love your recent adventures at the races. Just too too cool and fun! 🙂

  2. Informative with great advice. I tend to blog early morning, then live for a few hours in the outside the door world, blog for an hour in the afternoon and then go back to living. Otherwise I would be sucked in and remain seated at the computer.

  3. Wow, so much data and so well written, Penny! This is awesome and very beneficial to all of us hanging around here..now, lets hope we take some “smarts” with us when we leave and do some implementing! 🙂 Big hugs! xo

    • Thanks Lauren. I do appreciate that. Sometimes I do feel that things are more complicated than they need to be if we’d just step back a little bit! But it can be hard to do so! 🙂 xo

  4. What wise words Penny. It is important to find the balance between the on line and the off line. I am fortunate, I think, in that for me it is not a source of any livelihood but rather fun and a means to communicate with friends and family. I like what you have to say, my Wednesday begins, I hope your Tuesday ends well for you.

    • I hope your Wednesday is proceeding in a positive way for you too, Michael, I’m actually a little bit ahead of schedule so far today, so may be able to get to email responses too! Yay! Take care of you dear friend! xo

  5. AnElephantCant tell if he’s online or offline
    He is not all that sure of the difference
    But whether he is right here
    Or out on the bloginterwebsphere
    He knows that Penny’s words always make perfectly good sense


        • I was telling you that Jack 13 yrs and Emma 11 yrs, are very confused by the government closing and why, and of course how! Quite an interesting conversation we had! They both think that the Obama’s The President and the First Lady are awesome, btw! 🙂

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