What does it say when … (the truth about cruelty to women)!

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Did you know that over half of the people on the planet are female? Did you know that almost every single child (both male and female) born from a woman, experiences their first sense of being loved from a woman? Did you know that the far majority of women on the planet are nurturers who care for and nourish the growth and development of their own children, their siblings, their partners in life and later on, their aging parents?

Did you know that most women will stand up and fight when their family’s well-being is threatened? Did you know that in more and more countries women are better educated and making a greater difference, not just at home but in the community and far beyond?

Did you know there are more images of the “beauty” of women than any other, on the planet? Did you know that some of the most beautiful and enduring poems and stories ever written – have been written about the love for a woman?

SO WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT OUR HUMAN SPECIES … when (according to the most recent statistics from all countries on the planet – including the “free” and progressive USA – currently trying to take away some of a woman’s rights) so what does it say when BRUTAL VIOLATIONS AGAINST WOMEN are the most ignored, tolerated and dismissed in our justice system) of any crime on our planet? (And most domestic violent cases go unreported for the same reasons)!

What does it say?


And I guess for me, my main question is, “where, do we … (Parents, Grandparents, Brothers and Sisters, Family members, Friends, Associates, Fellow humans) … where, do we tell growing young girls they can go to be protected (from violence directed “specifically at them” because they are “females”) in life, when it’s not their home, their community or their country? Where?


My personal plea to you –

“There is no justifiable excuse for cruelty – None!” – PLH

“Is it perhaps time for the “silent majority” to do something about this – NOW! And do you really care enough about your Mother, Sister, Family member, Friend, Any female, to really make a difference? Or are you going to let this continue! Because it’s getting worse – guys, a whole lot worse!

Penny L Howe, 2013

And bottom Line – what does this say … about us!


69 thoughts on “What does it say when … (the truth about cruelty to women)!

  1. You won’t get any argument from me that women should not be mistreated, but i do take issue with the assumption from some of your respondents that all the bad in the world towards women is done by men. I can think of an awful lot of women I wouldn’t want to meet at a dinner party. And let’s also be clear that men get mistreated and abused too, and the recognition of this is even less than that for women.

    • Hi, thanks for your comments. What you say is true. All people should be treated justly and most certainly there is a fair share of men out there who are mistreated as well, and a handful of women who are equally culpable for their own cruelties, However, the topic for this specific discussion was about the majority of all “women” and since they have had the right to vote (where they do have that right) – for a relatively short period of time and in some countries, are continuing to be treated as less than animals with no rights, in many cases forced into prostitution (but as a whole make up over half of the planets population), I felt is was reasonable and fair to focus on “their” issues here. Thank you again for stopping by! Your points are all valid and good ones!.

      • As i said, no arguments from this end that women get a very raw deal indeed, and not just in the ‘uncivilised’ areas of the world. I see the state legislature in Texas has decreed you can’t vote if the name on your polling card doesn’t match that on your certificate, unless you provide ‘additional documentation.’ If you’re a woman who has married, been divorced, and remarried, you need four bits of paperwork; your birth certificate, your first marriage certificate, your divorce decree, and your second marriage certificate. Heaven help you if you change your name by deed poll.
        I wasn’t trying to score points here, just putting in a bit of balance.

    • Hello Ivonne, having gone through my own personal experiences with brutality and abuse, I am very aware of what you say. You are right. And the more women who speak out on this issue, the stronger it can make those women who have been afraid to. It is a good thing to help empower – as we can. Thank you dear friend! Much love to you, xo

  2. Cruelty on women (anyone really) is a hot topic for me.
    I’m blessed & thank God for the parents that he gave me. They taught me to be me – a strong woman & not to take any abuse from anyone. I especially thank my dad for not being a stereotypical old country mentality man with thoughts that a woman’s place is in the home blah, blah, blah.
    I wish all people would realize that woman are not inferior beings & I wish women empowered each other a lot better. I think – in general – we are moving forward. I just wish it was at a faster pace. There’s no room in this world for women to be treated less than first class.
    Ok – Did I just ramble?
    xo 🙂 🙂 xo

  3. Very powerful and thought provoking post Penny. If it is happening in the
    the “free” and progressive USA , can you imagine what is happening in some Asian and still developing countries , where brutal violations against women are still dismissed as if they deserve this. After much reluctance police makes a FIR. Thankfully women are waking up, we still have to go long way but once the process starts we have hope but we all have to join hands.

    • I have female friends in Egypt and several in the mid and far east countries and I worry about them and all their female family members and friends every day. As more women become educated and receive support from women (at a global level) this sort of abuse will begin to be reduced. Right now, a long way to go my friend! Still, very doable! As you say Indira, it is through the joining of hands that change happens – that is just beginning to make a difference! xx

  4. I will admit to not having any easy answers to this issue but agree that it is never ok to treat a woman as anything but an equal, with respect and loving kindness. Dominance over another human being should never be tolerated.

    • Thanks Horty, it isn’t a “man’s world” it’s a living world, filled with all sorts of wonderful living beings, creatures and entities, of which we are a part of. We humans do have trouble getting our role, in the whole order of things right, don’t we dear friend! 🙂 xo

  5. What an excellent post!!! Even though this is supposedly a “man’s” world, it couldn’t happen w/o women. To me “women” … means “without” men.
    Have you seen Cher’s new video “Woman’s World”?
    Worth a look …… Peace!! 🙂

  6. We need to teach our sons better. Remind them of our boundaries and our value as human beings not just cooks and chief bottle washers….
    The French in me comes out… How about a general women strike around the world…. Sit and do nothing for 24h may be 48 even, and watch what happens. 🙂

    It’s not a new thought, but if Lysistrata could end the Peloponnisian Wars ( yes, I know it’s a play but still the thought holds, yes? )with one kind of strike, what could we accomplish with a General strike?
    Great post Penny.

    • An excellent thought Emmy. I think Lysistrata was very wise! Today an organized sit-in would be awesome, can you imagine it happening globally – just think about that one! I honestly think it would take more than a few days though, but the results would be spectacular indeed! A great idea Emmy! xx

  7. There are so many thoughts on this, but part of the problem in my own view is that men still believe they have more strength and power than women. Of course we know that today for the most part women can carry their own, but with some and not all men they have a fear inside them that maybe, just maybe a woman can carry their own load, and the man may feel less needed. Just a thought here……..

    • Hi Terry. I can understand those feelings. But because I do have a true love of men (my dad, son and many others that I love, admire and respect very much) I do know there will always be various issues concerned with what you have to say. I just don’t feel that violence, brutality or women being forced to live a certain way (in spite of their own feelings) should have any place in civilized society! Disagreements – yes, cruelty, no! And I cannot conceive of a time where men would not be needed every bit as much as women! Life, nature, doesn’t work that way! Thank you for your insightful and caring comments, I do appreciate them very much! xx

    • I totally agree with you. I had a wonderful family and I worshiped my father. He was never an abuser. You are right. there is no space on this earth for behaviors such as this. Thanks for making a very important post

  8. Those who perpetrate violence or any form of negative actions towards another mirrors their own fears and insecurities. Violence towards women is a horrendous act as they are our mothers, sisters, daughters – they are the supreme life givers and those who mistreat them must loathe life in of itself. Tragic. I pray we evolve past these actions.

  9. One item missing from the “Women’s Rights” movement, to be treated with respect and dignity. When men and women alike use profanity to describe women, often their wife or mother – is there really hope for a better life? When women reduce themselves to swearing in the presence of their children, are they being taught to respect themselves or their mother? Our moral foundation has slipped past STOP and GO. God help us.

    • Boy do I agree with that one. Respect and honor have become misplaced along the way during advancing technology. Morality hasn’t just slipped, it’s been completely misplaced and needs to be brought back by those of us who can set the example. Not saying it’ll be easy, but we can each do our best within our own sphere to positively influence “good values”! A good reminder, thank you for your comments.

  10. It says that we are barbaric. To expand on Al’s point. A man and a woman are required to conceive a child, but the woman has the final say, after that. Thank you for the post.

  11. It is such a shame that in the 21st Century we even need to be reminded, it should be instinctive never to treat a woman or indeed anyone with such vile contempt. Sadly not every male in this world thinks that women should have this equality and consequently the flaws of man become widespread with every step in the wrong direction. I believe that men and women alike should have the same freedoms and respect, thus enabling a much happier planet for all. Thank you for adding such an important posting Penny.

    Have a lovely weekend my sweet friend 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  12. Hello dear Penny…

    Wow this is really engaged post … I like when women take the word and speak out loud like you are doing now…

    I think that the concept of violence against women is widespread and quite
    elusive… There are as many kinds of violence as abused women and abusers (men and even women)…

    So it is a tough issue because the protective laws are not strong enough to stop it once and for all…

    I think we must work harder, and I also believe that some advances are already taking its own course.-

    Thanks for the great share; sending you many hugs XO; Aquileana 😉

    • Hello Aquleana, thank you dear friend. A very big issue for millions of girls and women who are too afraid to speak up (for all the reasons that are obvious – but not attended to or addressed very well – why is that?). Someone needs to voice their fears and both their and our futures, my friend! Thank you for your wise comments, hugs – many – to you this day, xxxxxx

      • Right back at you & thanks for this post; dear Penny…
        Just writing and/ or speaking out loud about these issues sets a difference… This is already a step forward in order to change things..

        Love, Aquileana 😉

  13. It is a huge indictment on society in general that we let such injustices happen, sometimes it seem almost normal which is just insanity! Better education and common sense would sort it out…as would a nice cup of tea one suspects.

  14. I saw on the news today that in the middle east, they were going to enforce the law that only men would be allowed to drive, so the women went out in force and drove. Proving that women are equal to men.

    Malala Yousafzai. Need I say more?

    Women are THE major contributor to human life on this planet. A woman can produce a baby without a man, but a man cannot produce a baby without a woman.

    Every woman should be treated as if she were your sister or mother or daughter. Well, in terms of respect anyway hehe. I would never ever raise my hand to a woman (I would never raise my hand to a man either because I do not like violence). Too many people see women as the weaker sex. Nobody is the weaker sex. Both sexes have their advantages and disadvantages. This does not mean that they should be punished for being who they are. it is wrong, it is unfair and it is disgusting.

    There was a judge over here a few years back who brought a whole …. storm .. down on his head when he said of a woman “you weren’t raped, you are too ugly to rape” That infuriated 99% of the country. It is people like that judge who lets things like this to get out of hand.

    Thank you for posting this Penny. I know it is not the easiest of posts you have written, I applaud you for this post. If you don’t mind, I will reblog this. Well, not reblog, repress it.

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