Life’s Reality – or another crazy night? Ligo Haibun Challenge

This week the Ligo Haibun Challenge presents two quotes as prompts! I have chosen the George Carlin quote:


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“And then there are the times when the wolves are silent and the moon is howling.” ― George Carlin

A full moon out tonight, as I walked alone. A clear sky too. Very cool, the air crisp this late in the season. I didn’t notice the full moon right away, my mind turning out to be every bit as full as the moon shining down on me. My thoughts confusing, taken up with the insanity of life’s struggles! The moon seemed to have it’s own agenda anyway, up there so high, aloft from everything happening down here.

I remember shivering, pulling my jacket tightly against my body, I don’t know what possessed me to walk down to the river in the first place. It’s even chillier there, but I could hear the water lapping against the shore and it seems soothing – does that sound crazy – and I’m tempted, indeed drawn to the dark liquid. The need to touch, so strong. It won’t change my existence, still I scoop up the water in my hands, feeling velvety ice water threading through my fingers.

Damn, everything feels so futile tonight, an emptiness. The moon mocking my solo sojourn to the river, as if to echo those meaningless feelings. I see my kneeling silhouette illuminated against the rippling water, proving my reality, at least. My fingers are frozen numb now, doesn’t matter. I could hear the moon, you see. It was howling and I recognized the tune. I’d heard it before.

And with that recognition I could walk back home, even with the moon still mocking in it’s solitary mode. I’m impervious now, entirely focused on rubbing my hands together to get some warmth back into them.

just another night
no winners, no losers – just life
and the howling moon

For more information about The Ligo Haibun Challenge and to give your writing talents a try click here! A great activity for writers to take part in!

~ Penny

31 thoughts on “Life’s Reality – or another crazy night? Ligo Haibun Challenge

  1. So powerful – emotionally, visually… You just took me along on your walk at once, feeling the crisp air and shivering. Yes, the feelings echoing all the way through images. Really beautiful, Penny.

    • Thank you Ese. An actual walk with very real emotions going on at the same time. Usually when I journal (offline), I depersonalize an event such as this, but I decided to portray, as best I could, how I was feeling. I’m pleased I was able to convey sensations experienced through haibun writing. Thanks again for your kind words, much appreciated by me!

  2. Penny haibun is just so much in you. You took us down to the water and made us feel the freezing cold that almost crippled the fingers, and we felt the atmosphere so strongly. The emptiness and the moon mocking the solo sojourn is incredibly tense. More so than dramatic moments in theatre, and one feels the closeness and power of nature in your writing. This feels so strong, and is full of imagery, leaving the reader to feel his or her own emotion, which to me is very, very special and something we can all learn from and aspire to.

    • Thank you, Pirate (for your generous compliments)! I do appreciate both your taking the time to read my haibun and to comment. We are nature, so I am pleased I was able to convey the relationship through my words, again my sincere thanks, I am glad you enjoyed.

    • Clever man. Yes it was a true experience and a most recent one, so the descriptions of the surroundings, the activities and the emotions were based on reality my friend! And the howling of the moon, I must say it can be very loud on occasion 😉 xx

  3. Love that image 🙂 Your thoughts on the Full Moon are very interesting…for me it offers a cool, silent power and enrichment that touches the soul and calls the song of the stars,..a beautiful and calming presence….fascinating to hear of others views of it 🙂

    • I’ve always felt a strong connection to all the elements in life. Sometimes the attraction to the moon is overwhelming in a most excellent way, and other times, like what I just wrote about (but always of a personal relationship, if you know what I mean). For those who follow such things, I’ve been told I have the dominant personality attributes of a wolf – interesting, huh! 🙂

  4. I really like this. The moon and it’s solemnity (probably not the right word) and the loneliness. You really do know how to capture attention of the reader

  5. Penny…

    This haibun is beautiful… I just wanted to know if there are any restriction regarding the introduction before the Haiku properly said… You can answer me that question later…

    Love your poetry and I can catch perfectly the smart blends within your words (and throughout them)

    Powerful writing , I must say that!!!… (fair treatment my dear friend )

    Happy sunday & much love , Aquileana 🙂

    (Damn, everything feels so futile tonight, an emptiness…)

    • Thank you Aquileana, yes, that was absolutely 100 percent Penny there, talking about feelings she has experienced in a walk in the moonlight by the river! Me, close up and personal, lol! 🙂 xo

    • About the restrictions. No, in the haibun, the haiku could come first before the prose. But with the prompt being the quote, I wanted to distance the words of the quote from the haiku. But I believe you’re correct. The haiku would have been wonderful to have been an intro. leading into the prose, Aquileana, a great creative thought there! 🙂

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