Economics 101 – Knowing the true worth/value of your society!

Sheepish decisions

“Is it safe to come out yet?”
“We’re sheep, are you kidding me?”

. . .

Is there such a thing as true value?
And if there is, would you recognize it?

. . .

The ‘worth’ of each human begins with the beating of each and every heart.

The value of the ‘worth’ determined as we go through our individual life experiences.

While we decide for ourselves what ‘value’ may be to each of us, none-the-less, it is always decided with each beat of our heart! And what we decide to do about things.


Economically (fiscally) speaking, healthy, happy engaged and employed human beings trump every other value ‘per capita’ when it comes to the worth of a thingAlways! (Even in this technological, consumer activism, ‘money making money’ economy driven society!)

The value of each human begins from the moment of their existence.

Consequently the road to economic prosperity – for all societies (no exceptions) is always dependent (first) on the well-being of humans (both men and women), including all living entities,with which we humans coexist (and depend upon) on our planet!”

What is the “true” economic worth and value of your country (society you live in) right now?

Ladies (and gentlemen) isn’t it time to put our perspectives in order and begin at the very essence of what prosperity (worth/value) really is, – Knowing and honoring the true value of LIFE itself – and continuing on from there!

~ Penny L Howe, 2013

35 thoughts on “Economics 101 – Knowing the true worth/value of your society!

  1. A noble, and I might add for me, true sentiment.We live in a time however when too many people do not pay heed to such a creed though. Capitalism runs rife and money and power are given far to much space in the world. Rainforests are destroyed in the name of progress and liberty is becoming a rare thing. I always have hope though and every other person that speaks this truth makes me hope a little more.Thank You for adding a little more hope into the world.

    • Thank you most kindly. I am honored that you compared my article to a hat-trick. Often I wonder if the point I am making goes over the heads of those it is being directed towards, so your compliment is much appreciated by myself! xx

  2. Penny,

    Oh, great post indeed…

    As I see it, the ‘worth’ of each one of us is life itself but objectively considered.

    The value of the ‘worth’ is experience (as you say it is “determined as we go through our individual life experiences”).

    Do you know Wilde´s quote: Experience is the name we give to our mistakes”? … It is pretty witty but ironic I know, but isn´t life´s main purpose just to live and/or living…

    I am still thinking about the consequence you highlight here:
    “The road to economic prosperity is always dependent on the well-being of humans including all living entities”…

    I guess you are right here, if we want to point out the value of a society… The price is a different issue, because value & price are not always related to the idea of a “wealthy” society.

    Let´s just keep in mind that in order to figure out the economic worth and value that rule our societies… (see Oscar wilde´s quote below)

    Much love Penny and I am wishing you a great weekend ahead, dear friend;

    Aquileana 😉

    • Hello Aquileana, thank you, yes Oscar was quite the wit in many things. Wise in many areas and a little foolish with a few, but definitely right about experience being another name for mistakes ( I’ll have you know I am exceedingly ‘experienced’ in that regard, lol).

      My weekend was a good one and I’m hoping yours was just the best also, although my heart and prayers are right now on those in the Philippines! Take care of your, dear friend of mine,
      Penny 🙂 xo

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