Ligo Haibun Challenge – Mirror Image


Such an interesting turn of phrase “mirror image” as compared to … oneself. More incongruous than the image appears (visually speaking), we (humans) always tend to “see” more than what is really visible to the naked eye.

Still, the person on the outside looking at the same person (on the inside of a mirror) has the distinct advantage of being seen in a two dimensional platform –  which is, of course, never the actuality of life.

Wading deeply through the stream of reality, I could look down at life’s liquidness and see my own mirror image reflected in the fluidity of all life as it swirls around me. Ebbing waves of ‘this or that’ moment of experience exhibiting – all that I appear to be.

But I rarely do – look. I selfishly do not stop the train of thought, (my personal perception of life experiences) and indeed my ability to continue on with an absorption, immersion and captivation of life which I find quintessential to my own well being and improvement.

In summation, a true mirror image of self might be viewed as a matrix where each new bit and piece and layer of the “who I am” rearranges and renews – at will, (my ‘true image’ being of constant change) – as it should, because with each subsequent change I become more of who I truly am.

life’s true potential
mirrored in streaming nature
from dream to reality

Penny L Howe, 2013

. . . .

For more details to this weeks Ligo Haibun (writing) Challenge click here!

Thanks for stopping by, sending love, prayers, much hope and courage to those in the Philippines for their many loses. Please support them in any way that you are able to!


35 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge – Mirror Image

  1. You took a valuable,philosophical view there that I enjoyed very much intellectually. “because with each subsequent change I become more of who I truly am” – stunning, really stunning. A very interesting thought.

    • Thank you Pirate. For me this was thinking or the process of an internal questioning made verbal through the written word. I find that (I’m guessing you do too) through the passage of adventures in our lives, it isn’t so much that we polish the rough edges, (although some do) as much as we expose a bit the hidden aspects, some for the good and some …

  2. I really like this – ourselves as matrix bits constantly creating the new whole of who we are. The image in any mirror only show a skewed two dimensional view.

    Sometimes people claim that they know us better than we know ourselves…I don’t see how that is possible. This also reminds me of how others hear us…because we do not hear ourselves as others do. Our recorded voice sounds different to what we hear…

    Thank you for your visit and kind words to my double prompt haibun… I await the next WWP prompt to continue that story; which may not be compatible with the Ligo Prompt. We’ll see…

  3. It is truly difficult to see the person who others see, but then we know the true essence of ourselves better than anyone else could…a very interesting post Penny. I find that meditation works well for me whenever I want to quiet my mind and tap into my authentic self. You have given me much to ponder today.

  4. Whilst I like the idea of the Matrix I am always left with the question who is it that is viewing the Matrix. Is there a timeless, unending YOU or I that is the witness? That sits quietly behind the mask of self, just being? Thought provoking piece.

    • Hi Paul, was offline for a few days, I agree with you (re:the matrix). Your words are equally thought provoking and I am dwelling on them now. Or some part of “that who I am” is! (said with humor in mind). The most awesome thing of humankind is the ability to acknowledge and explore our thoughts and their expressions and I thank you most kindly for yours!

  5. I too, like your self-rendering. I like the bits and pieces, the matrix I can see in your sketch. I once fell in love with a painting of a woman’s face that was slopped with swirls of paint. So unrefined, unexpected, yet beautiful.

  6. It would always be nice if we could look in the mirror and see how other people see us. I know we do see each other as others see us with their eyes, but what about how others see the REAL us? That would be nice to be able to see in the mirror. Hope you all have a great week Penny

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