27 thoughts on “Hope – an important word to believe in!

    • I noticed this Ruth, thank you so much and added you also both as family and friend, which is how we view you here! Have received your love from across the sea and of course sending same to you – Hope you are feeling better dear friend! xo

  1. Right now I am dreaming of warm ocean breezes, the salty tang of sea air, and the glorious sun on my face…my winter to come. Hope you are having a great week Penny. πŸ™‚

        • I’ll pass on. A very sad week for the sweetie. Her cat “Sawyer” her constant loving companion each day and night, (especially since Emma lost her daddy a few years ago) passed a few days ago (Sawyer was old and had been ill recently, but Emma had known her all her life). It has been hard because of the association between the losses in Emma’s young life. She’ll be picking out a new kitten on Saturday, so she is excited about that! xo

    • Thanks Michael, I admit that meditative type of stuff does enter my mind rather frequently, in-between other living type stuff. I hope your week has been a good one for you my friend! xo

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