Love – nothing is more important!

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My favorite word in the whole vocabulary of all the languages on our planet is Love. It means the same thing no matter where you are. Love is universal.  It sums everything up. Just this one word!

It brightens the day, makes the impossible seem possible. The bad – not so bad and is the very foundation that hope rests upon … the one word … LOVE!

I send love to everyone today. It is an especially hard Monday/Tuesday today for many many millions of people on our planet, Both nationally and abroad.

Perhaps, today, we can point a few less fingers, blame a few less people, think not so many petty, selfish or greedy thoughts and instead think about love and loving! I guess news “talk show hosts” are getting paid (now, when they voice their opinions) to say and broadcast petty and mean things and  …

Politically speaking (USA), my message to all of you politicians out there is … GROW UP, you are all acting like spoiled children (all parties) instead of responsible, polite and well-mannered individuals. Our government will always have those with varying agendas but NO ONE has to be mean (nasty) during discussions and the manner in which they conduct their public activities.

The three main political parties in this country are Republicans, Independents and Democrats and since acronyms have become so popular please note that the acronym for these three parties is R.I.D., which is how many Americans are starting to feel about you and how you’ve been governing in Congress. so STOP IT!

Do you job. Get it done, but with the dignity and honor that your position deserves. And another thing, Our President is the duly elected President of our United (all of them) States and as such Dignity and Honor should be extended to him as well, or our current political parties are really of no value to us Americans any more. And getting rid of the current political parties (R.I.D.) might be the best way to change things!

Life is too short (yours included) for the behavior I and millions of others witness daily (while nothing is getting done) and ALL AMERICANS ARE SICK OF IT!)

Most especially when now we should be seeing what we can accomplish together as a UNITED States of America (and yes there are 50 states, not one or two or 13) and not the horrible nastiness that we’ve been exposed to.

We need jobs, an improved infrastructure, fairness and equality but mostly we need a HUGE change in attitude and how we conduct ourselves.

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We are all of various ethnic, genders and backgrounds (every single one of us) and we are all citizens but when bad weather hits anywhere, then we are reminded that which we should be ALL THE TIME! Human beings in need of love and support and each other – and nothing else is more important than that! Nothing!

Penny L Howe, 2013

46 thoughts on “Love – nothing is more important!

  1. Very well said Penny. I have been saying for a long time that if we would all strip aside labels that we place on any manner of things, especially politics (Republicans, Democrats, Independents), how different the world might be. If politicians voted with their hearts and minds instead of along party lines, would we as a nation be in a different place? I have to believe that we would.

  2. wow, I have never thought about it. That LOVE sum up verything 🙂 While I was reading this I tryed to find another word that sum up as much as LOVE , but no.. I didn’t find a word..
    Beatiful post and go Penny! 🙂

    – Tina

  3. Well said indeed! We’ve been out of touch with the news visiting Grandchildren. There isn’t another shutdown is there? Our politicians are driving us crazy too, so mean spirited, looking out for themselves and not for those less fortunate. They sicken me.
    I do like the BF quote above.
    I wish we could all live by the Golden Rule which I have blogged about several times – and will continue so to do! 🙂

    • Hi, no just the usual idiocy that goes on and on! I’ve been gone myself for over a week, so like you I’m playing catchup online! The Golden Rule, such a simple thing – one would think! 🙂

  4. No consolation, AnElephant is sure, but politicians in UK and France are just the same bampots as you have over there.
    And he is sure that you understand his word even if you have not heard it for a while.

  5. Excellent post my dear Penny. I pretty much quit watching television and reading newspapers months ago because it was making me ill watching and reading about all the blaming, mud-slinging, and garbage that is in the media anymore. I like the following quote… in a few words, it says a lot.

    “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. ”

    – Benjamin Franklin

  6. I agree most politicians are like spoiled child, getting the wealth they want, the power they wish for, and the livers from others…but it is not USA alone…Have a nice day, wish our wish come true, a world of love and humble.

  7. Great message regarding love PH…

    Yes understand the political issue here too… That shutdown is getting pretty stodgy & tough, eh?…

    But well you know politics is always involved with economical interests, unbridled ambition, corruption…

    And well then… sometimes it is absolutely hard to find out balance and/or harmony.

    Common sense should prevail… Hope it does…

    Sending many hugs & LOVE. ❤

    Aquileana 😉

  8. You go girl 🙂

    Well said Penny. We are hearing about it over here as well, and some of the talk shows are condemning the parties asking why they will not listen to the elected person, when things went through the senate anyway. If something didn’t get passed, it wouldn’t be put into play. If it was put into play, it was passed and therefore the majority voted for it. It isn’t the time throw toys out of the pram.

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